The Presidents Cup 2022 at Golf

By  //  August 2, 2022

The Presidents Cup is one of the top competitions, and it is played by the best golf players in a series of games to determine the overall winners.

The competition is played between two teams; one that represents the United States of America and the other that represents the rest of the world, excluding Europe, called the International team. The competition in which Europe participates and faces the United States is called the Ryder Cup.

History of the Presidents Cup

The competition was established in 1994, occurs every two years, and is held all over the United States and across other international countries. The first edition of the competition was played in 1994.

Of all the 13 competitions that have been played so far, the United States team has come out on top in 11 of them, only drawing one in 2003. Being a short competition, the Presidents Cup is played between two teams of 12 players each, with each team having a captain who is usually a prominent golf personality.

The captain is the one who selects the pairs for the doubles events. Whether it is a doubles or singles match, each match is worth one point. If the match is tied, each team receives a half-point.

President Cup format

The competition consists of 12 singles matches, 11 best-ball matches, 11 alternate-shot matches, and 11 best-ball matches on the fourth and fifth days, respectively, with all 12 players participating in those matches. The sixth day’s two sessions let two players from each team withdraw, and all 12 players participated in the singles finals.

The last President’s Cup which was played in 2019, saw the USA come out on top and win the trophy; with the team being spearheaded by Tiger Woods as they showed their quality and beat the International team which was captained by Ernie Els.

The prestigious event took place at the Royal Melbourne Golf club in Melbourne, Victoria. The United States team won 6 out of the set 12 games and tied 4 games, which saw them retain the title by winning 16-14.

When will the 2022 Presidents Cup take place?

The 2022 Presidents cup will commence on September 19, 2022, and will run till the 25th of that same month. The event was meant to be held in 2021, but it was postponed till 2022.

Naturally, given the status of the competition, it will be one to look out for by people who like to participate in golf betting as it will provide punters with the ability to wager on some rather exceptional golf from the world’s best players, thus enhancing the overall experiences that they can obtain from watching the action unfold. Those interested will find that the United States team are predicted favorites to come out on top and win, with a price of -335 compared to +335 for the International side.

The competition which will take place at the Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, North Carolina, will be the first hosted by a place in the Southeast. The competition looks to be more interesting than previous ones, as provisions are being made for a bigger and more accommodating stadium, to house and entertain all the fans. There will also be an unveiling of the cup at the opening ceremony of the competition.

How are the players selected?

The top USA PGA TOUR players from the 2019 A Military Tribute at the Greenbrier through to the 2022 BMW Championship, will be selected for the United States team. Starting with the 2021 Open Championship and ending with the 2022 BMW Championship, which is the qualifying period for the 2022 Presidents Cup International Team, and will see the best players being selected.

Eight of the top players on the Presidents Cup International Team are selected due to their place on the Points List and four additional players are chosen by the Captain will make up the team.

At the end of the competition, a trophy will be given to the winning team, but players will not be paid for their participation. A percentage of all the money accrued goes to the charity of each competitor’s choice. So far, the Presidents Cup has raised millions of dollars for charity from all the money gotten from the competition, including donations from charitable people and organizations.


The Presidents Cup is sure to entertain fans and viewers all over the world when it commences, as things are already being put in place for its success. While the United States team will be looking to clinch the title again, the International team will also be looking to stun the USA team and the fans and win the cup for the second time ever.