Trouble for Compass Real Estate?

By  //  August 12, 2022

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Considering how much impact making the wrong choice in a real estate transaction can have on someone’s personal and financial situation, finding the right company to entrust with your entire future is serious business. 

In fact, as one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make in your life, it’s essential that you look for a real estate company that not only understands the gravity of your situation but appreciates the responsibility they have to find the best possible solution for their clients. 

Compass Real Estate is a brokerage firm that takes a great deal of pride in the service it provides to people who simply want a transparent and easy real estate experience. Despite being one of the shining beacons of US real estate, and providing innovative advancements to the benefit of their customers for over ten years now, you may be concerned about the company having some difficulties, and how it could impact your sale or purchase situation. 

However, as this article confirms, you can rest assured that Compass is still thriving and continuing to provide its services for the benefit of sellers and buyers around the country. 

About Compass Real Estate

Compass Real Estate was founded in 2012. It was initially created out of the frustrations that come with many outdated real estate practices, which lacked clarity, and served to confuse people who were just looking to buy or sell a home. 

The company’s unique approach of combining human-led business relationships with innovative technology saw them grow exponentially over the years, gaining acclaim and success for their clients across the United States in the process. 

Resolved legal issues 

In 2019, Compass real estate competitor company Zillow filed two lawsuits against them. Zillow claimed that Compass had tried to poach their employees who were under strict non-compete clauses, as well as stealing trade secrets. 

Compass firmly denied these allegations, and continued to work for their clients during this unfortunate legal issue. These legal problems were settled amicably, and are now completely resolved. 

Layoffs during the global pandemic 

After maintaining its upward trajectory amid these legal issues and resolving them quickly, Compass then experienced unforeseen challenges during the global pandemic. Like all companies across the globe, they felt the sting of COVID in terms of earnings and incurred an unexpected loss of $270 million. 

With no clear end for the pandemic in sight, action needed to be taken, and Compass CEO Robert Reffkin made the decision to lay off 375 employees. While layoffs were common across many industries worldwide, it was nonetheless a difficult choice during an unprecedented time for the entire world. 

Continued success and brighter futures 

Any business that disrupts the industry for the benefit of its customers will inevitably experience some obstacles and issues to overcome on the path to further success. 

But the philosophy that has made Compass so popular with clients across the country hasn’t changed. While these past stumbling blocks are certainly lamentable, the learning curve they’ve provided the business has only served to push their concepts of a faster, easier real estate business further into the stratosphere.