WATCH: Two Animal Cruelty Suspects Escorted to Brevard County Jail by Sheriff Wayne Ivey

By  //  August 4, 2022

ABOVE VIDEO: Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey details an Animal Cruelty investigation and walks two suspects in the case to the Brevard County Jail for booking.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey, a staunch supporter for animals, released a video on Wednesday that detailed an Animal Cruelty investigation and walked two of the suspects in the case to the Brevard County Jail.

Sheriff Ivey has made it known to the community that he will protect animals in Brevard County and will bring those who harm animals to justice.

Sheriff Ivey has previously walked animal cruelty suspects to jail, himself. On Wednesday, he walked Sherine Wright and Oddleton Gittens, of Melbourne, to the Brevard County Jail for Animal Cruelty.

Sherine Wright

Sherine is being charged with 91 counts of animal cruelty and a count of witness tampering, while Oddleton is being charged with 12 counts of animal cruelty.

Oddleton Gittens

Below is a transcription of the video released by Sheriff Wayne Ivey and the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office:

Hello, everyone. I’m Sheriff Wayne Ivey of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office and I’m standing in the Sally port at the Brevard County Jail. And you know what that means? That means that our team is about to walk somebody into this jail for animal cruelty. And this one, this one is out of control.

This one started on July 3 when our agency got a call from a concerned citizen about a lady that was not taking care of our animals. We went to the residence and we found a total of 45 animals that we seized as a result of them being malnourished, them being in a very difficult way with worms and parasites, all of them malnutrition, everything.

Our team went there, AG & Marine unit, animal cruelty unit, animal control. And when we got there, what we found was disgusting. If you look at these photographs, what you will see are animals that have just been mistreated, animals that have been neglected, animals that should have never been in this shape.

And it is absolutely appalling to look and see these animals and how horrific a condition they were in. They were found, many of them almost dead. We had veterinarians that came from two different organizations, worked with our team, looked at these animals and told us what sad shape they were in. Thankfully, our AG & Marine unit, our animal control team, took custody of the animals. Our vets are nursing them back to health.

The individuals that did this have zero remorse, literally have been yelling at us. Actually went and tampered with one of the people that called and told us about this going on, trying to intimidate them into not cooperating with us.

Well, in Brevard County, we don’t put up with animal cruelty. So what you’re going to see in just a minute is our animal cruelty investigators are going to walk into our jail. Sherine Wright and Oddleton Gittens, both of them are being charged.

Sherine is being charged with 91 counts of animal cruelty and a count of witness tampering. Gittens, is being charged with 12 counts of animal cruelty and felony animal cruelty.

This is ridiculous. You have animals take care of them. If you’re not going to take care of them that don’t get them or get somebody else that will take care of them.

Because if you do this in our county, we are going to put your butt in jail. That’s the end of story. We don’t put up with this. As I said, when you look at these poor animals, this is just unacceptable. People allowing this to happen to their animals.

So what do we do with somebody in Brevard County that does animal cruelty? We walk their sorry butts into jail. And I really do. I wish I could do to them what they did to these poor animals. I can’t, because I’m more professional than that and I have compassion in my heart.

But I will tell you this, they are going to jail. 91 counts for Sherine Wright and Gittens is getting twelve felony counts of animal cruelty and failure to report as a caretaker. So let’s get them inside.

Sheriff Ivey to Sherine: How are you? Welcome to our jail. Welcome. Have a nice visit. Inside our jail.

(Suspect Audible)

Ivey: So you’re exactly right. It will not be a nice visit. You know, you should have reported this.

(Suspect Audible)

Ivey: It has everything to do with you being an idiot. It not taking care of animals that’s your problem.