What Games Are The Most Popular Among Indian Casino Players

By  //  August 30, 2022

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The modern world is changing so fast and more and more entertainment is appearing for users, particularly in the virtual world.

The gambling industry in India is developing rapidly and is attracting the attention of players. Bluechip.io is one of the reliable places for gambling. Gamblers may notice that the online casinos that are available for users in India are modern and popular. 

When choosing the casino, gamblers often look at the availability of popular games rather than the gaming platform. Bluechip.io has all the features that are necessary for reliable gaming. Check out the best gambling games that Indian gamblers often choose.


This game is present in every online casino, because it is impossible to imagine gambling online without roulette nowadays. The first game appeared in France, around the mid-80s. The original version differed from the modern one. It had an extra pocket 00, which is still present today in American roulette, but absent in other versions.

Having an extra pocket increases the casino’s advantage. Taking into account this peculiarity, gamblers prefer European roulette with numbers from 0 to 36 to have more chances to win. It is this version that is extremely popular, especially among Indian gamblers. You can play roulette at almost every online casino. Bluechip casino is one of the best presented on the market. 

The gameplay of roulette is very exciting. Players place their bets on where the ball will land. Up to this point, gamers definitely experience excitement and tension.

The ball lands on a red, black, number, line or special combination that the online casino offers. All the player  can do at the roulette is to determine the bet and hope for luck. There is no need to use strategies here, as roulette is based on luck.


Blackjack is a game that was very popular in France and Spain way back in the 60’s. It is one of the oldest gambling games that is extremely successful at modern online casinos. Well-known gaming platforms like Bluechip online casino offer several blackjack tables. This is due to the great popularity of the table game.

The goal in blackjack is to collect cards with a value of 21 or close to that number. When a player accumulates a value greater than 21, he goes broke and loses the game. The main objective is to collect more points than the dealer to get the win.

Players who haven’t any experience in blackjack should familiarize themselves with the rules of this game.

It is very important to know the values of the cards:

 From 2 to 10 are the numerical values;

Ace – 1 or 11;

Jack, Queen, King – 10 points. 

Indian gamblers can use different strategies when playing blackjack to increase their chances of winning. You will also need experience in this game and luck.

Slot Machines

Slots are one of the most popular sections at Bluechip casino India. There are a large number of slots on different themes. Gamblers can choose from the one-armed bandits that are still in use in the world or modern themed ones. There are different slots where it is possible to enjoy the gameplay.

The advantage of these games is that almost all of them have a free version. Therefore, it is possible to get acquainted with the game without any financial risks. 

Experienced gamblers choose games with a high RTP figure in order to have a better chance of winning. In the section with slots there are various games, which are different not only by volatility, but also by the number of reels and paylines. 

It is also important to pay attention to the software provider. It is recommended to choose slots from well-known software providers that are quality and honest.

There are also slots with progressive jackpots, which attract the attention of players with the opportunity to rip big winnings. Such games are becoming very popular as they can provide unbelievably big winnings. All slots are based on a random number generator, so the results in them are random, and the gamer’s winnings depend only on luck.

Teen Patti

It is another popular game among Indian gamblers, which is available at Bluechip casino. Teen Patti is a very famous card game in India that is similar to English Card Brag. In fact, it is basically poker, only this game is played with three cards instead of five.

A simplified version of poker is very appreciated by gamblers in India and this game has been popular for many years. In Teen Patti, the value of the hands is determined in the same way as in the classic version of poker. All online casinos that accept players from India have at least one Teen Patti table. There are also modern versions of this game that attract the attention of gamblers all over the world. 

Andar Bahar

Another popular game that is available at many casino online nowadays. Playing Andar Bahar the gambler has two options:

Before the start of each round, place a bet on Andar;

Before the start of each round, make a bet on Bahar.

The rules of the game are extremely simple, which is why it is so popular. When players place their bets before a certain time, the round begins. The dealer draws the first card in the middle and the goal of this game is to guess Andar or Bahar.

The dealer then begins to deal the cards to Andar or Bahar, depending on who guessed those values in the last round. The person who loses always gets the first card in the next round. Each time one side gets a card, the round ends and a new bidding round begins. The game with simple rules attracts the attention of many players, but it has been particularly popular in India.

So, Indian gamblers have the opportunity to play and place bets at reliable online casinos. This ensures convenient and secure payments as well as the ability to enjoy traditional games online. Many casinos offer mobile versions or applications that are available on mobile devices. This provides the opportunity to play on the go. Choose the best way to enjoy your favorite game.