What Makes Holistic a Toxic Free Rehab Center

By  //  August 25, 2022

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Being one of the best is not easy. And when it comes to a mental treatment center, things become more challenging to bring the results on. That said, if you have been searching for the ideal mental care solution, we have bought you the authority sanctuary.

We use a total natural healing method with Pouyan and many more treatments and therapies that guarantee that lifetime solution for sure. Since Holistic Rehab Center is a licensed medical spa, you get the satisfactory treatment throughout the stay that you won’t regret.

In this post we shall find out what makes a holistic sanctuary a toxic free zone for patients and clients who are suffering from mental challenges.

Treatment and therapies with 100% safe approach

At holistic sanctuary we use safe and toxic-free means to heal the mental challenges, depression, trauma, anxiety, drugs of substance abuse and many more illnesses.

What makes us trustworthy among many other rehab centers is our care and dedication towards each patient. With personalized care holistic sanctuary offers no smoking, no junk food, no coffee, and no war zone stores that put stress on the client in any way. From physical health to mental repair, we have got you covered.

At a luxury drug rehab center you get everything with a non-typical or cliché manner.

From detox to the healing process, we make the process healthy and easy for everyone. Our clients get the safe and ideal IV drip filled with vitamins, aminos, NAD and also we have the ideal reiki session that helps regain health for both mental and physical state.

In addition to that you receive the most powerful and robust HBOT machine that infuses you with 100% pure oxygen treatment. The HBOT treatment by holistic sanctuary targets the pathogens and anaerobic bacteria simultaneously and you get better brain cells through the repair. It also activates the stem cell growth and hence boosts chances of healing by up to 900%!

Treatment centers by holistic mental rehab sanctuary

■ Holistic Treatment Centers

■ Ayahuasca Retreats

■ Holistic Healing Center

■ Holistic Depression Treatment Center

■ Ibogaine Treatment Center

■ Holistic PTSD Treatment Center

■ Holistic Trauma Treatment Center

What makes Ibogaine Treatment ideal?

If you visit and get the treatment at a regular drug or detox center there are chances of you getting the PTSD or the reverse back of the illness. However, holistic makes sure the fuller recovery of the patient through its proven and ideal helping solution.  If you opt for Ibogaine treatment you get:

■ Acts from the first dose within 24 hours.

■ Drastic withdrawal of the symptoms and craving from taking drugs.

■ Bring you back to experience pleasure from activities that were once pleasurable for you such as exercise, hobbies or music.

■ Fuller recovered that never triggered the sickness at any point in life.

■ End craving for drugs faster and safer. That’s why Ibogaine therapy is considered successful among the rest by 3-10% percent.

■ Ibogaine is non-addictive and there are no risks of potential abuse.

Why are our treatments successful?

At the holistic sanctuary, you get the most right and ideal care for each mental illness. We treat our patients with dedication and personalized care. That is why you have a high success rate. Moreover, the Pouyan method of treatment helps to lead a normal life without relapsing health.

After care plan

We do not leave our clients and patients even after the treatment. Our care plan includes aftercare that involves fuller attention to the patient’s behavior. We teach the new habits of sobriety and make sure to create a healthy boundaries and much more.