What’s Next for Gaming: Upcoming Trends Gamers Must Know 

By  //  August 6, 2022

The gaming industry was able to generate a revenue of over 198 billion USD last year. Its value is expected to grow up to 339.95 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 8.94% from this year until then. That said, the industry will continue to prosper in the coming years which also means that we’ll be seeing more gaming trends.

Speaking of trends, what lies ahead for gamers out there? What are the current and upcoming trends that could change the industry? Well, let’s have a look at them in this article.

Blockchain Gaming

Back in the day, many dreamt of being able to game while they earn money. The digital era has made this possible. Today, there are many ways for gamers to earn money. It’s no longer just about being part of the process and joining gaming companies to create and develop games to earn money.

Even if you’re at home, you can find a way to profit from playing games, and one of these is by playing blockchain games or NFT/crypto games.

Blockchain gaming has a lot of potential and this industry alone is already worth billions as of 2020. People can invest in these games and there are also platforms like joystickgames.com that lets players access the best gaming assets.

Joystick’s co-founder Michael Le, spoke about how they are revolutionizing the industry. Le said, “Play-to-earn gaming has the potential to change so many lives and Joystick is creating a culture around this revolution.

“Joystick’s goal is to create an environment where owning gaming assets and other tokens is accessible and beneficial to anyone in the world. The industry is craving a new model where players are more empowered to get paid for their time, and Joystick offers a valuable solution.”

Rise of Indie Games

Okay, Indie games are not exactly new but more and more people are starting to hype up Indie developers. Popular gaming streamers like Sean McLoughlin aka jackscepticeye would promote Indie games and even help developers like Puppet Combo by taking part in the games they develop to get it out there.

Indie games are also now allowed to release games on popular platforms like Steam, so they are now easier to find.

This is what happened to games like Among Us and Stardew Valley. With the success of these games, many more Indie games will now get more attention. We can expect that platforms like Steam, GOG, and Microsoft Store will give some spotlight to the indie gaming scene.

Cloud Gaming

As internet connection improves in many places, it’s getting clearer that cloud gaming might as well be the most convenient way to the game. Yes, it’s already convenient to download games online, but not when you have to wait a while to finish downloading them.

Also, not everyone meets the minimum hardware requirements to download AAA Games like Elden Ring, The Witcher, God of War, and so on.

That’s where cloud gaming could come in handy. No need to wait for big game downloads to finish and buy gaming consoles and expensive PC to play them.

The idea of cloud gaming is similar to streaming movies and shows on platforms like Netflix. So, instead of downloading games, you stream them to be able to play and control them.

This requires a very fast internet connection and right now, this isn’t viable in many locations. Still, once more places have better connectivity, this is going to be a hit. It’s a cheaper way to enjoy playing any video games on any device.

More Remakes and Reboots

There are many old games that you wish you can play on modern gaming consoles today like PlayStation 5. We’ve seen many of them remastered and rebooted like the Final Fantasy and Resident Evil Series.

Some of the most popular remakes are The Art of Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Metal Gear Solid, The Twin Snakes, Final Fantasy VII, and Resident Evil 2.

Surely, we’ll see more games rereleased in the future. Some of the upcoming titles to be rereleased are The Witcher 3 Remastered, Dragon Quest III, Dead Space Remake, Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition, Gothic Remake, and Fear Effect Reinvented.


With the rise of gaming comes the popularity of esports too. While esports is also exactly new, it’s only recently that more people showed interest in this sector of gaming. An optimistic estimate of the esports global revenues is at 3.2 billion USD this year.

People are now more aware of the professional gaming scene. Some of the popular esports games are DOTA 2, League of Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Counter-Strike.

Esports tournaments like Dota 2 Pro Circuit, ELeague, League of Legends Worlds, and The International are gaining more following. Even pro esports teams too like Team Vitality, Team Liquid, FaZe Clan, Cloud9, and more.

We’ll see more esports tournaments and fresh talents in the coming years.