Who is Using Blockchain Technology?

By  //  August 19, 2022

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Many businesses have begun to employ blockchain technology. Blockchain does have the ability to change the world. Furthermore, blockchain can be used in various applications such as distribution networks, universal health care, authorities, insurance, financial services, property investment, and many others.

The question here is, who is using blockchain technology?

Although blockchain technology was initially thought to be only appropriate for the financial system, it has also begun to disrupt other businesses. As such, we have many workarounds either in the prototype stage or have been used in the organization. Visit Bitcoin Era site as it will guide you with the best bitcoin trading strategy in case you are about to start your trading journey.

Banking and financial institutions are using blockchain technology. The Most


BBVA seems to be a company that uses blockchain-based in the financial system. Using this fantastic technology, Red Electrica Private Company and BBVA successfully finished a broadcast network loan. The deal was reportedly granted by Capital Group, the bank, and BBVA for €150 million. Furthermore, BBVA’s bitcoin blockchain delivered the loan in record time.

BBVA is a company that works completely on blockchain technology. At the moment, the industry is very hopeful about the use of advanced technologies in upcoming projects.


Barclays would be the second-largest financial institution in the United Kingdom and one of the businesses using blockchain technology. Throughout reality, cryptographic protocols streamline money transactions and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) procedures. 

Furthermore, they have submitted for patent rights on these two aspects, indicating that they have been functioning on the new tech.


HSBC intends to launch the bitcoin platform by the end of December 2022. Furthermore, they will transition from conventional paper-based documentation to the fully online and fragmented Vault platform. 

HSBC is the third banking system in the USA that uses blockchain technology the most. As a result, their shareholders can finally record their value in real-time. Furthermore, it has personal characteristics.


Visa has been one of the businesses that have made significant progress in distributed ledger technology. They established a digital system in 2020 to cope with the company’s online payments.

It takes some time to get the project up and running. By the close of 2021, they hoped to have covered 90 markets where businesses could make payments.

Blockchain investments are led by technology and financial firms.

Block data also discovered that 36 of the 100 best publicly traded firms had invested a total of 3.5 trillion dollars in 101 cryptocurrency companies throughout 140 rounds of funding. The businesses that did receive investment finance are primarily concerned with the blockchain power grid, payouts, technology services, and other blockchain-related facilities. 

According to Blockdata, the market and financial businesses have led cryptocurrency investments. Google Holdings, Inc., is the biggest institutional investor, partaking in 23 cycles and investing more than 600 billion dollars.

Supply chain companies

De Beers

De Beers seems to be another company that is utilizing blockchain in its supply chain. They developed Tracr, a cryptocurrency platform, to stabilize their distribution network. Furthermore, using this framework, you can record any size stone from the gold mine to the retail establishment.


Unilever is another company that uses blockchain in its production process. Unilever is presently using technology to control its industries. They will use technology to track the whole of their procurement money transfers. Furthermore, people can record this same provider about quality at all times.


Ford is another well-known company that employs novel technology. In truth, IBM is collaborating with them and the two companies that intend to record raw materials such as cobalt from its providers. 

They would like to ensure that they have been getting a genuine product to secure their performance. As soon as even the metal is extracted, it will be recorded on the blockchain, and Ford will be able to identify its progress from there.


Blockchain would be an unstoppable destabilizing force that nobody can control. This is already interrupting many industries, which will shortly disrupt every single market on the planet. 

Businesses that use blockchain solutions are currently securing their position in the environment.

In truth, businesses must face a more significant problem if they do not invest in technology. So, if you’ve not adopted a cryptocurrency business solution, now would be the moment to use it.