Why Now is the Best Time to Learn About Web3 Marketing with Lunar Strategy

By  //  August 12, 2022

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A recent academic study has investigated the role that social media plays in the hiring decisions of recruitment managers. The study was conducted to understand the most important  issues in the use of digital footprint in the recruitment process. This was investigated by interviewing managers of human resources departments at Iranian Banks who were in charge of recruitment.

Overall, nine themes came out of the analysis which included: “The impact and significant positive role of social media on maintaining employees”, “The role and desired implication of social media in post-employment processes” and “The necessity of educating, culture-building and creating the essential infrastructures for social media use in the society and among employees”. The results of the study are able to provide awareness regarding the effects of, “digital footprints on recruitment decisions and the reduction of disciplinary actions and firing of employees”. 

The importance of social media in the hiring of employees demonstrates the increasingly prevalent nature of the web in every aspect of life. Now the web is so much more than simply a static platform on which information can be consumed. It is dynamic and responsive and invites the user to engage at every opportunity.

This drastic shift in the nature of the web is continuing as the web shifts away from Web2 to Web3. The old strategies and techniques which used to work for Web2 will be rendered obsolete by Web3. This is why many companies which are active in the Web3 environment will need to change their tactics if they wish to see success. 

Lunar Strategy and Marketing in Web 3.0

Web 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 are names given to the successive versions of the world wide web. Web1 was the version of the web during the 1990s and early 2000s. Web2 is the current version of the web and it is the version which people use on a daily basis. Web3 is the next phase of the web and it represents a significant shift in the nature of the web.

The next generation of the web is built on three important core concepts which are openness, decentralization and better utility for the user. 

Lunar Strategy is a marketing agency which specializes in Web3 marketing which includes cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The company was founded in 2019 by Tim Haldorsson. He founded the company with the mission of growing crypto and NFT projects using strategies focused on Web3. Haldorsson noticed that traditional marketing agencies “didn’t (or didn’t want to)  understand the new ways of marketing”.

Lunar Strategy have developed their strategic abilities over the course of their operation, and they place a strong emphasis on growing a community. They have grown to a full-time staff of 16 people and their strong belief in Web3 has led the company to found the Lunar Academy which provides first of kind training for those interested in marketing in the Web3 environment. 

Now is the best time to learn about Web 3.0 marketing because it has never been easier or more accessible to do so. Lunar Strategy’s new academy can teach a crypto entrepreneur everything they need to know to create a successful marketing campaign in the crypto world. Many new crypto projects come and go and it is essential that a new project have the marketing which it deserves. Without this a crypto project is unlikely to find success in the market. This is especially true of a project which is unable to grow a community around it. 

Final Thoughts 

The Web3 market was already very active before Web3 has necessarily become mainstream. It is for this reason that new crypto and NFT projects should seek out firms who specialize in crypto marketing. This can often be the difference between a project which sees no success and a project which flourishes.

To aid people learning about crypto marketing, the web3 marketing firm Lunar Strategy is launching a new platform called Lunar Academy. This is a first of its kind service that will help educate people about the best way to go about marketing in the Web3 environment.