Why You Should Add Sleep Gummies to Your Nighttime Routine

By  //  August 15, 2022

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Years ago, I watched the newest version of the horror movie Nightmare on Elm Street and, as someone who scares easily, hated it. But one thing stuck with me: the terrifying concept of not being able to sleep.

In the movie, of course, the character that can’t sleep isn’t simply tossing and turning at night due to work stressors, but rather can’t let herself fall asleep due to the threat of imminent death.

As a result, she’s forced to stay awake at all times, taking things to such an extreme that her body is doing everything it can to fall asleep. 

Though obviously incredibly realistic, the movie got me thinking about our need for sleep, and how we would feel if we couldn’t do it. We’ve all heard it from health experts, or even our middle school health teachers: getting enough sleep is extremely important not just for our health, but also for our ability to function and get things done.

But getting to sleep, and getting enough of it, isn’t always easy. That’s where natural sleep gummies come in. With an ingredient list that the experts approve of, sleep gummies might just be the perfect addition to your nighttime routine. Here’s why we think you should try them out. 

Key Word: Natural

Nobody wants to become reliant on a drug to fall asleep. Even when I take something like Nyquil out of necessity, I’m conscious of not only how easy it makes sleeping (it essentially gives you no other choice), but also the other negative effects. I wake up groggy, and I always feel a little leery about using something that puts me to sleep so forcefully. 

Sleep gummies, on the other hand, are not a drug or a sleeping pill. They’re more of a supplement, a helping hand, and they’re made of all natural ingredients rather than chemical compounds. For example, chamomile extract is often found in sleep gummies or natural sleep supplements.

Chamomile is just a plant that you can find in the wild. In fact, it looks like a daisy, something you’d put at the center of your kitchen table. But chamomile also has been found to support relaxation and healthy sleep, and it’s just one of many natural, herbal ingredients that does so.

A good sleep gummy might have a blend of chamomile, lavender, passion flower, or other plants or herbs that have been found to support a healthy sleep schedule, mixed with amino acids like L-Tryptophan, which have also been found to help calm people down for a good night’s rest.

Compare the ingredients list of natural sleep gummies to that of prescription sleeping pills, or even over-the-counter sleep drugs, and you’ll notice a big, big difference. Choose the one with ingredients you can pronounce, ingredients found in nature. 

Goodbye, Grogginess

One of the major advantages natural sleep gummies have over sleep drugs that are more sedative is that it won’t cause a hangover. But this kind of hangover comes without a sip of alcohol. The sleep drug hangover feels like waking up with a 30 pound weight on your eyelids and head and body for your first hour of consciousness.

It feels impossible to pull yourself out of sleep after taking a sleep drug. The grogginess is borderline painful, and it sets you back when you start your day. 

As we mentioned above, the ingredients in sleep gummies are nothing like the ingredients in a true sleep drug. Sleep gummies replace the doxylamine (or other sleep-inducing ingredients) with herbal blends, and thus, they replace the grogginess with the ability to get up and get moving. So skip the Zzzquil, and skip that first hour of the day where you can’t get anything done. Opt for sleep gummies instead, and get up and at ‘em first thing in the morning. 

There are Sleep Gummies for Any Nighttime Need

The great thing about natural sleep gummies is that there’s such an extensive list of plants, herbs, extracts, amino acids, and other naturally-occurring sleep aids, that you can find a sleep gummy for a variety of evening needs. By this, I mean that you don’t necessarily have to take sleep gummies because you want something to make you drowsy.

You could take sleep gummies that are created with the intention of relaxing and calming you down in the evening, putting you in a state that makes you more susceptible to falling asleep on your own. Or you could take sleep gummies that will help you get drowsy, rather than just relaxed. Or you could take sleep gummies that contain melatonin, a hormone your body already produces on its own, that help you develop and maintain a regular sleep schedule. 

The variety of natural sleep-aid ingredients out there makes the sleep gummy market pretty extensive, with sleep gummies on the shelves for numerous evening needs. So don’t cross sleep gummies off the list if you’re worried they’re only made to knock you out at night. Consider choosing some that simply promote relaxation instead. 

They Taste Good

Ok, this might not be a reason you have to add sleep gummies to your routine, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Thanks to the natural ingredients, many of them flowers and herbs and plants, sleep gummies usually taste awesome.

They’re typically helped out by other ingredients like fruit flavors or some of nature’s other sweeteners, nearly always in line with the theme of keeping things natural. So you might find that you look forward to chewing on a couple (or one, depending on the recommended serving) sleep gummies at night. For me, it’s like my final evening treat. Yum.

Overall, it’s important to remember that sleep gummies aren’t just for those who spend hours awake at night just waiting to finally fall asleep in the early hours of the morning. They’re all natural, they’re safe for most people, and they can serve numerous purposes for you in the evening. So consider what might improve your night (more relaxation, calmness, or a little help getting drowsy), and go find a sleep gummy with the ingredients to match. You won’t regret it.