6 Marketing Ideas to Attract Long-Distance Moving Customers

By  //  September 18, 2022

Marketing to long-distance moving customers is not easy. This type of business requires extensive time and planning. You need to consider the different marketing methods that best suit your and your potential patrons’ needs.

Long distance moving is a significant decision for people, and usually, their needs are met through rental trucks, moving trucks, or storage containers.

Regardless of the medium that’s used, a lot of planning and preparation is required. Long-distance moving customers often relocate to a city or state with different climates and lifestyles than what they’re used to.

1. Web Design

The Internet is a great marketing tool, especially for a moving company. Building a website is easy to attract new customers and help them understand exactly what your services entail. A website should have an easy-to-navigate layout, informative content, and photos of the moving vehicles and storage units. The site should be updated with relevant news, such as new routes or promotions.

2. Print Marketing

Create flyers to distribute throughout the city or county you want to target and the surrounding suburbs. Use your regular routes to distribute these flyers during the weeks before and after a move. It’s advisable to have a large number printed so that you can hand them out to anyone who might need your services down the road. Use bright colors and catchy images for added appeal.

3. Social Media

Social media sites are another excellent marketing tool for any business, especially moving companies. Please create an account on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and update it with relevant news and promotions several times a day. Like with the website, make sure you add new information as it becomes available to keep clients up-to-date.

4. TV Commercials

TV commercials are designed to get viewers across the city or county in which you operate to call or contact your phone number to see if you’re available for a quote. Doing so will give them a sneak peek at the moving vehicles and storage units you have available for rent.

Professional video production can provide greater visibility and ensure that prospective clients will give your serious business consideration as opposed to a lesser-known company with no presence on social media or print.

5. Mailing Lists and Direct Mailers

When building your list of potential customers, consider creating mailing lists broken down by city blocks or neighborhoods and the suburbs surrounding them. This way, you’re reaching out to people who may not be able to physically travel to your office for distance or other reasons but are nonetheless interested in long-distance moving companies.

Make sure to include the date of the next move on the mailing list so potential customers can request a quote when you’re in the city.

6. Regular Customer Referrals

Long-distance moving customers are often delighted with the perfect services provided by your business and will be more than happy to refer you to their friends and family. Ask for referrals when you have moved a family, especially if they live in the same city or county where you’re seeking new clients.

Use these marketing ideas for long-distance moving companies to lure prospective customers into trying out your services and, ultimately, seal the deal by making them actual clients. These primary factors will help you attract long-distance moving customers day-in and day-out.