Content Marketing Made Simple: WhitePress Content Marketing Platform

By  //  September 1, 2022

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Content marketing is one of the most effective strategies for digital marketing, necessary for online brands to promote their products and services and reach target audiences. By publishing informative and engaging content, businesses can generate traffic, and – in turn – new customers.

This can all be a time-consuming and complicated process – unless you’re using WhitePress, a convenient content marketing platform for publishers and advertisers. How exactly does it work?

White Press – a Content Marketing Platform for modern marketers

WhitePress is a content marketing platform – a place for publishers, advertisers, marketers, and brand managers to publish their content in a range of languages, on over 48,000 websites they can choose from at will. WhitePress was designed to help companies in creating and realizing a content marketing strategy, establishing good relations between the brand and online viewers.

There is no need to install any additional software to use the platform or pay for a subscription to register an account – you can easily create a free account to test the platform out, and then decide whether you want to use its services or not.

What can you do with the WhitePress platform?

Using the WhitePress platform, marketers and publishers can work together to achieve mutual benefits. Advertisers can publish their content (or have it written by a professional SEO copywriter in one of 24 languages available) on a range of websites from all over the world. Using the website’s simple interface, you can upload your article of choice, select the place of publication using a simplistic search engine, and place an order.

For each publication, WhitePress offers users a free performance-tracking script to show how well it generates traffic.

Who can benefit from using WhitePress?

When ordering content from WhitePress, you can choose content type depending on your specific business needs, from Basic to Premium Plus, and publish it on thousands of websites from all around the European Union and beyond. Each article offers an additional 12-month monitoring service to ensure nothing in the article changes.

Publishers can also use WhitePress to earn money by posting proposals for publication of articles on their website – after a marketer chooses to go with their website and the publisher fulfills the offer, they receive compensation.

What other services are available on WhitePress?

WhitePress also offers a Content Premium service, delivering high-quality content written by highly specialized journalists. Using this feature, the platform finds the best-matching copywriters for your industry, with an intelligent search engine feature that immediately shows relevant matches. WhitePress also provides professional customer service, helping customers resolve issues quickly and supporting PR activities.

Publishers using WhitePress fully retain the ability to refuse publishing an article if they don’t like its contents, with no consequences. The platform also runs an affiliate program, where users can invite new clients and receive 5% of their spending for the next 5 years!