Do You Really Need Protein Powder?

By  //  September 8, 2022

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Pursuing your health and fitness journey is one of the most rewarding things that you can do. Investing into your health can give you one of the biggest ROIs possible as your body needs all the help it can to face the natural challenges of aging.

One of the most important things to remember when pursuing your health is that every fitness journey is deeply personal and unique. No two people are the same and what works for one person may not even come close to working for another.

This is something that is all too easy to forget especially in the health and fitness worlds of the modern day. Social media, health industry marketing, and of course the body expectations set out by Hollywood act as constant messages that there are only a couple standards of health and fitness that are valid and that simply isn’t true.

Health and fitness can look drastically different from person to person. In fact, one of the most challenging parts of this journey is actually figuring out what health and fitness should look like for you. 

Every human body uniquely processes food and interacts with sleep, recovery, and exercise differently. So it’s important to understand how your body works and how it responds to things like food, sleep, and exercise. Some people can run off of five hours of sleep and be highly productive, while others struggle to make coffee without consistently getting eight hours of sleep. The same goes for nutrition like carbs, proteins, and healthy fats. 

One particular supplement that is ubiquitous in the landscape of health and fitness is protein powders. Protein powder is the most well-known and widely used health supplement on the market and it has a lot of benefits. While protein powder is often times regarded as synonymous with a gym routine or physical fitness, a lot of people can be confused as to why they need it, or if it’s really necessary. Just because something is popular – does that mean that it works for you? 

If you have been wondering what protein powder is and if it should be part of your health and fitness journey – here is everything you need to know! 

What is Protein Powder?

Protein powder is a supplement of processed protein that can be added to a variety of different drinks, or even baking recipes. Protein itself is made up of amino acids that the body needs in order to function properly and build muscle. These amino acids have been processed from either animal or plant sources and are represented in high levels within a protein powder supplement. 

Do You Absolutely Need a Protein Powder?

When it comes down to it, protein powder serves a very specific purpose – and that’s to supplement. Supplements are incredible tools to help people live their healthiest lives. However, they should always be treated as supplements. A protein powder supplement represents proteins that a person could gather from their natural diet that has been supplemented into a convenient form factor. 

In all reality, protein is very easy to gather from a person’s natural diet and it’s more than possible to get enough protein from simply eating healthy foods. For people who want to pursue a higher level of athleticism or physical fitness, the amount of protein they need will increase and in some cases, a supplement is necessary even alongside a healthy diet. 

Protein represents the fundamental building blocks that your body needs in order to put on muscle and grow in strength. This is why athletes tend to need more protein because they have a higher demand on their body and need to supply their muscles with the necessary nutrition to keep acquiring strength.

Who is Protein Powder For?

Okay, so if protein can be taken in through your diet, why would you ever use a powder, and who is it for? To answer this question, you have to remember that this is a supplement and that supplements can be used by anyone and everyone – not just athletes. 

The simple reality is that most people don’t have the time or capacity to eat the amount of protein they need in order to pursue their health and fitness goals. That’s where protein powder comes to save the day. This is one of the best supplements to add to your fitness routines because it ensures that your body will get the protein it needs – despite your schedule. 

Conclusion: Remember, Protein Is a Supplement

Protein powder can be a great way to make sure your body has the necessary nutrition it needs to keep hitting the gym throughout the week, but you should always remember it’s a supplement. Protein powder is not meant to be a consistent meal replacement, but it is supposed to supplement your nutritional needs in meaningful ways. 

So while protein powder can help you achieve your goals, it does not represent a deviation from trying to achieve a healthy balanced diet. Use protein after your workouts to help give your body what it needs to recover and get stronger, but still emphasize healthy proteins from your diet as often as you can.