Is it Worth Investing in Real Estate in Dubai?

By  //  September 9, 2022

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Real estate is a pivotal market for investors and picking the correct location in terms of growth and high returns on investment (ROI) is a bit daunting. Among the investors, Dubai has become a primary choice to buy, rent, or resell property. 

Besides its iconic skyline, opulent lifestyle, and record-breaking economic stats, Dubai enchants the expats and has set its reputation as a top investor hub. Despite the Covid-19 outbreak and the chaos it caused, Dubai stayed resilient and recuperated bravely with its post-pandemic strategy, reinforcing its position as one of the greatest cities to offer investment opportunities.

Homebond  ease off your hassles and get you the best property that brings its perks to buy, sell, or rent properties. Headquartered in Dubai, Homebond is a global real estate brand that endeavors to offer unrivaled financial strength, operational excellence, and business ethics.

Homebond provides end-to-end real estate solutions for new-age investors, including off-plan sales, secondary sales, leasing, property management, and holiday homes.

Dubai has transformed into a thriving and cosmopolitan global hub, proving its excellence and commitment to excellence. The grandeur of Dubai has witnessed 73.7% growth in the figures of investments, making it the most lucrative for investors. Do you want to keep up with the investment trends in Dubai? Know the perks of investing in the property.

Upsides of Holding Your Stakes in Real Estate in Dubai 

■ Fast-Paced Economy

One of the biggest advantages of investing in property in Dubai is that you can leverage the monetary benefits from its booming economy. Homebond lets you avail the benefits of expanding your investments by engaging all the top-notch areas of the regional hub for the investors willing to hold the shares in real estate.

A highly diversified and steady economy with revenue generation from tourism & trading, Dubai is a great place for expats and the localities to invest in real estate.

Since the government came up with the idea to convert Dubai into the heartbeat of business and commerce in the MENA region, it has gained momentum to accelerate its economic growth. From a myriad of options for high-class properties, Homebond brings your the best options to invest in.

■ Innovating and Developing Approach 

The reason behind the tremendous growth and investor’s interest in real estate is the state-of-the-art development and innovative approach. From the tallest buildings and towers to luxurious living apartments, Dubai gives you all the reasons for investors to dip their toes in the real estate investment market.

With technological advancements and business growth, Dubai fosters an innovative ecosystem, attracting investors for long-term monetary benefits.

Moreover, Dubai has emerged as the leader in AI, robotics, and fintech, offering consistent support to the manufacturing hubs to create revolutionary products. With a future-forward vision, one can always expect something unique and attractive to invest in real estate in Dubai.

■ Safe & Secure Environment 

Safety is the foremost factor when buying or investing in real estate in any region, and the emirate is one of the safest places. The requisite security measures with an efficient legal system ensure a low crime rate.

Real estate investment has a robust regulatory framework to safeguard the investors’ interests. A proper regulatory framework and transparency in the market assure the investors of their safe investment.

According to UBS’ Global Real Estate Bubble Index, Dubai is the only market with low price bubble risk among 25 global cities.

4.Higher ROI

Investing in real estate in Dubai is one of the wisest decisions if you want a higher ROI. The returns are even higher than its counterpart cities, such as London and New York.

With Homebond, you can get a great deal that generates potentially higher investment as it facilitates low property taxes. If you invest in property, you can expect a significant return up to 8%. It is the right time to invest in Dubai’s real estate as property prices consistently surge, bringing you higher profits. With the investment in the right property, you can make momentous profits by selling the property and reinvesting in the future.

Homebond Properties have delivered a stellar experience for their clients based on transparency and trust. If you are arriving for the first time in Dubai, renting or searching for a property can be tedious. Keeping all your requirements in mind, they help you find the right property with all the amenities for your supreme comfort or great return benefits.