Jacey Hinton Expands her Brand as an Athlete and Model

By  //  September 6, 2022

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Female swimmer in United States swimsuit while swimming in pool

Athletes have long been known to have personal brands both on and off the field. This tradition has only developed further in the modern era thanks to developments such as social media. Certain academics have stated that, “Athlete brands exist within a network of brand relationships.”

Giving consideration to the joint influences of related brands at different levels is imperative for the process of understanding how the brands of athletes are built. This particular article focused on growth factors which impacted athletes’ social media followings during the period of team transfers.

The results of the study indicate that investigating multiple factors using the same analytical model is vital for understanding the role all of these factors play in building the brand of an athlete. Results also showed that it was important to possess a strong brand before a high-profile event.

Jacey Hinton is a swimmer and a model who has been steadily improving the power of her brand. This brand is multifaceted and draws influence from Hinton’s success both in and out of the pool.

Her modeling career further influences her brand power as an athlete and vice versa. Additionally, the great deal of success which she has achieved in these fields only furthers her ability to expand her brand and connect with a larger audience.

Background of Jacey Hinton

Hinton was born in Austin and raised in Houston. She was always an athletic child and tried every sport she could. She had an affinity for the water and loved swimming.

This would lead her to start swimming competitively from the age of six. She also began her modeling career at an early age and was a child model for Page Parkes. While with this agency she was featured in multiple national advertising campaigns for well known brands like JCPenney. At the age of twelve, Hinton became one of the best swimmers in the country. 

As a teenager, Hinton moved to Boston where she would continue both her swimming and her modeling careers. While she found that the modeling industry in Boston was not as active as it was in Houston, she was still able to land major jobs such as being in an international advertising campaign.

Her swimming would also continue to be meritorious despite the different conditions which the city’s weather brought. During her time in Boston she was named Miss Massachusetts Teen USA Semi-Finalist and the USA Today Athlete of the Year for Swimming in Massachusetts. 

Now Hinton lives, works and studies in Miami. She attends the University of Miami and is majoring in broadcast journalism.

She is also on the Canes swim team and is expecting to break some records in the upcoming season. Hinton is now a brand partner as well as being an NIL athlete. 

Jacey Hinton Expands Her Brand

Hinton is continuing to put in the hard work required to be successful as an athlete and as a brand ambassador. These responsibilities have been very demanding of her time which is why she has been forced to shift her focus away from modeling at the present.

She is hyper focused on maximizing her swimming career and making sure that she can do her team proud. The requirements on her time are relentless and she is training in or out of the pool every day of the week. Despite this busy schedule, Hiinton is continuing to put work into developing her brand and her image.

This involves being a brand ambassador and being an NIL athlete. This means that she is able to receive compensation when her name, image or likeness is used by the university. This is a way for her to not only develop her brand image but also be compensated for the diligence which she displays to her athleticism. 

Final Thoughts 

Jacey Hinton is expanding her brand as both an athlete and a model. She is continuing her swimming career while she is studying and she hopes that she will be able to break records in the upcoming season.

She is a brand partner and an NIL athlete which is only continuing to develop her personal brand as an athlete. Additionally, she will begin resuming her modeling career shortly as her demanding schedule has prevented her from being able to give too much of her attention to this pursuit.