Looking for an LGBTQ Dating App? Here are 5 Possibilities

By  //  September 8, 2022

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Online dating has become a “thing” now. And there are a couple of reasons for this. First, of course, is Covid. When the pandemic hit and things closed down, singles looking to meet others were stuck. They turned to online dating apps to relieve the loneliness of isolation.

Second is the nature of today’s digital generations. They want speed, efficiency, and quick results, whether shopping for a new coat, a car, or a date. Meeting people in person and then dating several is neither efficient nor fast. But meeting possible matches on dating apps allows a seeker to check out several potentials at once and get to know them via chats and videos – much more streamlined. 

If you are a part of the LGBTQ community, finding dating apps designed specifically for you makes the matching process even more streamlined. So, which ones should you look at? Here are five to check out that may make your choice easier.


As early as 2014, OkCupid added to inclusivity far before most other dating apps, by including 22 gender and 13 sexual orientations that users could identify themselves. And it honors users’ needs to find compatibility on political and social justice issues through a series of questions during the signup process.  It’s a bit more serious of an app, but the design is anything but old-school. The site uses a sophisticated algorithm for matching, based on stated preferences and answers to the signup questions.

OkCupid is not for those looking for one-night stands. And because of its modern vibe, most users are between the ages of 25-34, although more recently Gen Zer’s are coming on board too. 

If dating apps have a brand “voice” OkCupid’s is liberal and progressive. Young conservatives should probably go somewhere else.


■ Compatibility matching extends to more than the traditional items

■ Users get a percentage of compatibility for each match presented

■ Easy and fun navigation

■ Users can choose their pronouns


■ Marketed as a free app, but the best features will require a subscription

■ Not many matches for those living in small towns and rural areas

■ There have been reports of some data breaches

■ Gen X and Boomers “need not apply”


Just about anything goes on this dating app, as long as a user is only looking for sex. And just as its home page says, “…access our thriving sex community and satiate your need for amazing sexual experiences. Adult Friend Finder has helped millions of people find traditional partners, swinger groups, threesomes, and a variety of other alternative partners.”

Those looking for romantic relationships that go beyond just hookups “need not apply.” It is strictly for adults of any age and gender identity to find sex locally. And you might not want to open up this app with other, less “open” people nearby. They’ll get an eyeful for sure.

One unique feature? You can enjoy nude video chats. The free version is somewhat limited, so most users sign up for the gold membership which ranges from $40 down to $20, based on subscription length, and opens up lots more features.


■ Almost anything goes in the dating sphere

■ Satisfies those who are only looking for sex, without any other complications

■ Matches are numerous and frequent


■ The design looks a bit like just a porn hub with pictures of genitals popping up all over

■ Security is not at all where it should be for a dating app

■ Lots of bots and fake profiles which users are paying for


Tinder is huge, and the signup process is simple. You state “who” you are and what you are looking for, answer some questions about yourself, create your bio, and add some photos – you can change these at any time.

While Tinder was originally a site for “straights,” it now has choices of 40 gender identities and has partnered with GLAAD to provide more inclusivity and better matching for LGBTQ-ers, and to meet the needs of trans people. And because it is so huge, people who fall in any category of the LGBTQ spectrum will find matches.

Swiping is the method for saying “yes” or “no,” and there all of the normal means of communicating with those you swipe right. In fact, Tinder was the first to use the swiping feature.

There’s a free version, but with very limited features. Prices for premium subscriptions are about average for the industry.


■ Easy to use and matching is almost instantaneous

■ Great app to use while users travel

■ Huge base of users

■ Satisfies seekers of all types of dating relationships

■ Subscription costs are cut 50% for users under 30


■ Straight people may still show up in a queer person’s feed

■ No algorithm is used for matching – simple matching database system with less accuracy

■ Some complaints from trans that they get banned for no reason


In the world of dating apps, Taimi.com is more of a “new kid on the block.” Launched in 2016, this app was originally for gay men. But it soon became apparent that there was a need for more inclusive LGBTQ dating options.

Today, Taimi is one of the few fully inclusive apps that caters only to the LGBTQ community and no one else. It now has more than 15 million users all over the planet and is fast becoming the “go-to” place for dating matches, as well as becoming a part of a highly social community.

Signing up is easy. Users state their preferences for matches, are asked questions, and are then free to create their bios and add photos. The site uses a sophisticated algorithm for matching, based on both the profiles as well as their behavior on the site.

One unique feature of Taimi is its social groups – public and private. In fact, users can create their own groups too. 

The free version offers a wealth of features, but more are added with the premium versions. 

Users can look for any type of relationship – hookups, casual dating, or serious, long-term relationships. And because the app serves a global audience, finding matches while traveling is a big plus.


■ An all-inclusive app designed specifically for the LGBTQ+ community

■ Lots of features and resources with the free version

■ Huge user base, no matter where a member may be in the world

■ A social community that is really active


■ Customer support can be sporadic at times

■ Users will spend some time locating and accessing all of the resources


Hinge states that the purpose of its dating app is to be deleted. This is because the company has focused on those seeking serious, long-term, permanent relationships. Users need to understand that matches they receive on this app are those looking for serious relationships, not hookups or casual dating.

There is a large LGBTQ membership, so all gender identities will find matches in their locales. Matches are based on answers to profile questions and the setting up of profiles. An algorithm then presents potentials for viewing and conversations, and users can choose up to 8 matches in a day. Anyone not using the app for 14 days will be eliminated. They are serious about keeping users current and looking until they find what they want.

There is a free version, but premium features will let a user qualify their matches even more.


■ Purpose is clear from the get-go. Don’t sign up unless seeking a serious relationship

■ Easy to navigate

■ Matches are closely aligned to preferences


■ Lots of “normal” filters (e.g. height) are now fee-based

■ Unlimited matches only available with premium versions

Know Before You Go

These short summaries should put you on a path to finding the one that is right for you. Read through these, access the websites and discover all they have to offer.