Mercans – a Star Performer in Everest Group Multi-country Payroll (MCP) Solutions

By  //  September 9, 2022

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Mercans, one of the largest Global Payroll Service providers in the Asia Pacific region, was recognized as a Star Performer by Everest Group, a Global Research Firm, as a Star Performer, for its merits in deploying Multi-country Payroll (MCP) Solutions in Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO). 

Everest Group’s research insights focus exclusively on IT, business processes, and engineering services. Their deep and highly recognized level of expertise aims at maximizing operational and financial performance.

HR Blizz™ – Digitizing Payroll Management

Human error is among the most common causes of inaccuracies that occur in the niche. Digitizing Payroll solutions would mean streamlining all operations and removing some of the obstacles businesses face to ensure that their staff is remunerated accurately and on time. 

To handle that issue, Mercans launched an ambitious Global Payroll Suite HR Blizz™. This SaaS product aims to unify payroll management and automate most payroll processes. By implementing HR Blizz™ in its daily operations, Mercans intends to automate global payroll calculations and help global businesses manage their Payroll requirements through digitized solutions and automation. 

HR Blizz™ is currently focused on the Asia Pacific region. With headquarters across various locations in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam, Mercans has over two decades of experience serving this region. One of the goals that Mercans intends to achieve with HR Blizz™ is reinforcing its position in the region by accelerating Digital Transformation in Payroll Services

HR Blizz™ is designed to optimize the Payroll workflow, maintain employee records, calculate salaries and wages, generate accurate reports and comply with any applicable tax laws. To do that, HR Blizz™ employs business analysis, Big Data, and the Cloud that all help manage, streamline, and administer all compliance operations. 

Standardizing all business processes in the Payroll Service Industry is an essential technological challenge. HR Blizz™ does so by compiling all data related to past events and helping businesses conduct workforce modeling coupled with FP&A (financial planning and analysis).

The Need for Automating Payroll Processes

Making Payroll as accurate as possible is imperative as it’s a recurring activity that significantly impacts the entire business and its policies. In an age of globalization, more businesses prefer to hire people from all over the world, offering hybrid and remote work opportunities. The pandemic also made certain corrections to various employment policies and substantially impacted Payroll Provides, making their teams more vulnerable to the challenges at hand.

Adapting to these challenges would mean removing people’s dependencies. It’s achievable through Digital Transformation, workflow digitization, and ensuring remote access to all critical data that a business requires. Manual processes should be minimized as much as possible, and HR Blizz™ is meant to streamline Digital Transformation in Payroll Services.

A cloud-based platform such as HR Blizz™ is easily accessible from anywhere in the world and can be used to manage all Payroll solutions under one roof. Its flexibility streamlines Payroll management and standardizes various operations, reducing staff members’ time on reporting analysis alone. 

Next Steps in Payroll Management

In addition to a recent functionality upgrade that HR Blizz™ underwent recently, Mercans is also laser-focused on expanding its staff to ensure that every facet of Payroll, compliance and technical support is reinforced and ready to aid clients in the Asia Pacific region. Mercans’s CEO, Marko Taylor, believes that HR Blizz™ will help clients from across Southeast Asia optimize their payroll processing resources by updating all available regulatory and compliance information.