Seattle Advertising Uses ‘Unique Techniques’ to Lead as a Digital Marketing Agency

By  //  September 5, 2022

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Brands are increasingly bringing their understanding of the creative production process in-house, information that formerly resided with agencies, production businesses, or even post-production firms.

However, these brands are struggling with adaptation of print advertising to digital marketing and software development.

Everyone who works in advertising today can agree that things have changed since the start of the pandemic, regardless of whether the industry is in agreement on anything being fundamentally wrong with the creative agency paradigm.

Thanks to Seattle Advertising, struggling brands can find peace in getting new customers to support their business. This all-in-one, award winning digital agency is there to help you and your business shine on Google and with customers.

This agency can take your idea and make it the next best thing that everyone will love. From brand development to SEO consulting to UI/UX design and more, this killer empire will make sure your company thrives. 

Brands have been scrambling to get funding for advertising, resulting in a loss of profits which has been detrimental to many companies.

Smaller independent businesses have revitalized the market by working at a higher degree of integration and realizing the value of agility, data, and gut feeling. In order to address the objectives of brands, larger agencies are unable to work with the same amount of agility and may also be constrained by an antiquated fee- or time-based model.

This agile, culture-focused strategy forces ad companies to abandon their long-standing practices, which were previously focused on huge launches and eye-catching TV advertisements.

Being a part of the greater debate and the culture today, however, can be more difficult than it was in the past.

People no longer watch the same item at the same time because individual experiences have taken the role of group experiences in the digital age.

The prospects are tremendous for those that are able to make the most of the technology that is already available by  listening, testing, tracking and modifying their operations to make the most of that capability.

Brands are, by nature, markers of shared identity and are therefore representations of shared experience. This deconstructs the influence and function of brands in everyone’s life.

The traditional agency model has fallen short because it lacks direct access to talent; brands have discovered that middle management and administrative costs detract from innovation.

Modern marketers seek effortless access to a varied pool of talent that can help them reach audiences wherever they are as media fragmentation accelerates.

That direct link with specialized skill sets, as well as the collaborative atmosphere that it engenders, is essential to the process of establishing the integrated and flexible model that companies require in order to engage effectively with audiences across an expanding range of media.

Along with this, many of the established business models for creative agencies avoid specialization in favor of generalization. The end consequence is a weakening of your company’s capabilities and a deterrent to subject matter specialists joining or remaining at an agency.

Through digital platforms, it is possible to launch creative and measure reactions in real time. This presents such a large potential to think about creative testing as a ground level instrument to evaluate the big idea before a significant investment is made.

This is such an exciting yet intimidating prospect for companies and brands who struggle with their online presence. However, thanks to the digital agency, they will be able to make the transition seamless and easy for all parties involved.

Your growth team as a startup founder needs a member with prior expertise building a business from the ground up. This information demonstrates your growth marketer’s tenacity and ability to start from scratch.

In the end, every firm is looking for a growth marketer, whether it’s looking for product-market fit or an effective strategy to use recent funding.

Nearly 50% of Gen Z participants watched no ad-supported television at all on any given day, while 60% of Americans and Britons attempt to skip or block advertisements online.

However, almost half of them believe the material produced online by the producers they follow, showing that influencer marketing is essential for organizations looking to develop a loyal customer base.

Headed by Phil Anderson, the advertising agency is a strategic consulting firm that is also a branding agency, a product design studio, a mobile developer, an advertising agency, a data analytics company, and are all owned by the same software company that created the software that powers many of these social media behemoths.

In 1989, at just 16 years old, Anderson founded Seattle Software Developers, the parent software firm that supports the empire, including Seattle Advertising.  

By starting at such a ripe young age, Anderson has been able to grow with technology and be at the forefront of such pinnacle advancements.

Learning from the best, he got his start as Steve Jobs assistant then quickly became his right hand man as he showed incredible abilities in the software field. Since branching off to launch his own companies, Anderson has continued to embrace the world of tech and be innovative in a constantly changing realm. 

It’s not only about providing the goods and services and approving at Seattle Advertising. At the agency, the client is prioritized above all else, and the goal is to build a lasting relationship that goes beyond simple deliverables.

The agency prioritizes its clients above all else, whether it means having hot coffee ready for a client meeting or simply replying quickly.

An initial meeting to discuss the client’s needs is typically required to onboard a new client. This can include things like apps, website concepts, content planning and evaluation, page optimization, and more.

Following the meeting, the firm’s programmers and developers will create a statement of work to coordinate on deliverables and services for the particular client.

In fact, the group was given the responsibility of developing a specialized software for a client that would measure the temperature beneath buildings in one instance. They succeeded despite the fact that this was extremely particular and had never been done before.

By hand-picking Google and Microsoft developers and recruiting them as consultants, they are able to ensure that the app or project is developed in accordance with the client’s requirements.

“We hire the greatest people on the planet. We place the needs of the client first,” Phil Anderson continues. It also necessitates paying closer attention to the talent itself in order to maintain that collaborative attitude. All creative agencies are based on the unique creatives that make them up, and properly caring for that talent is as crucial to agency operations as any other.

In terms of clientele, Seattle Advertising frequently works with business owners who are either just getting started or seeking to advance.

Although some clients may not have much expertise about website and software development, some do. Anderson elaborates on how to respond to potential clients, “I believe it’s crucial to be sincere with your clients, to embrace your agency’s culture, and to play to your strengths.”

Phil’s philosophy is unique since spending so many years in the industry. He excels on finding clients that will be the right fit for their team and produce the best results for everyone.

“The reason why the clients come to you is if you are successful at earned media efforts. Focusing on your core competencies is preferable to doing subpar work as a result of overcommitting.” By concentrating on the strengths of the agency, Seattle Advertising can not only make it an enjoyable experience for your team but also theirs. 

Consumers search for everything they are interested in on Google and Bing. They accept the information in the search results . When someone searches for your brand on Google, they will click to the next link if your business does not dominate the homepage.

By working with Seattle Advertising they will ensure that every mobile device that visits or Googles your competitors will receive their amazing advertisements instead. The teams create an incredible brand presence, then excel at using Google Ads and social media, because these things alone help businesses thrive.

In this new digital environment, where their buying habits, decisions, and engagements have altered, your business needs to shine with Facebook likes, Instagram followers, favorable press coverage, and positive reviews.  In other words, you have to be awesome when customers “Google” your brand.

With Seattle Advertising promoting your brand, they will do it in such a way that establishes it as the market leader. Let our advertising engineers use our new AI platform to give your products a personality, and watch as sales soar beyond your wildest dreams.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can contact the advertising agency using the information below:

Phone: 206.501.4411
4 102nd Ave Ne, Suite 500, Bellevue, WA 98004