Top 6 Trends In Instagram To Watch In 2022

By  //  September 7, 2022

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Instagram has introduced a new feature called Explore Page, which features accounts that users don’t follow yet in Picuki. Brands can get on this page by growing their audience and improving engagements.

A blue checkmark on the Explore Page is a highly sought-after status, and many brands are racing to achieve it. Another trend that will continue to be prominent in 2021 is Augmented Reality. Facebook gives its users access to Spark AR Studio, which allows them to create custom AR effects.

Influencer marketing:

Influencer marketing is a hot trend in social media today. This method involves brands partnering with influencers who are able to create unique content that connects with consumers.

These influencers should be passionate about the brand or product they are promoting. Moreover, they should be willing to give honest feedback about their experiences with the brand. This way, their followers can be more inclined to purchase the product or service.

In order to build trust and a relationship with influencers, a brand must invest in long-term partnerships.

This will not only help to establish credibility, but will also help to increase sales. According to Forbes, more than 86% of companies are using user-generated content (UGC).

These posts, which are often more credible than branded ads, help to establish a product’s legitimacy. Additionally, UGC allows brands to create beautiful feeds.


Memes are a great way to increase your followers and reach. But it can be tricky to know when and how to post them. You have to know the audience and the context before you can make the right post.

In a way, creating a meme is like a jigsaw puzzle – you might know what to put in it, but not how to make it work. Trying to make a meme without understanding the context could end up looking fake or like you are trying to sell your product or service.

Meme content is incredibly popular on Instagram. People naturally share funny photos, GIFs, and short videos. They also usually come with pithy captions. In addition, most Instagram influencers incorporate memes in their posts. Even more, even serious B2B Instagrammers share meme content occasionally.

60-second Instagram Stories:

Instagram has begun testing 60-second Instagram Stories, a new feature that lets users post videos and photos to their accounts that stay live for 24 hours just like in Picuki.

This new feature is aimed at giving users more space to share their videos and photos and compete with Snapchat and Facebook. It is currently being tested by a small group of users and is not available to everyone.

Six out of ten people use Instagram stories to peek into their friends’ lives and see what they’re up to.

Instagram stories are a great way to share authentic content with your audience, and they’re now used by more than 60% of businesses. The feature has the potential to help businesses achieve their marketing goals – in fact, it’s already helping some brands reduce their cost-per-view by 20 percent.

Branded Content ads:

Branded Content ads are a great way to advertise your brand and reach a larger audience. In addition to boosting visibility, Branded Content ads can increase engagement and conversions.

With the new update, Instagram will clearly label branded content ads and make it easier for brands to measure their performance. These updates will improve transparency and create a more trusting relationship with brand customers.

In recent years, Instagram has been a valuable platform for influencer marketing. Brands are now able to partner with influencers to promote their products and services.

By using influencers, they can create advertisements that resonate with their target audience. The ads allow brands to reach their target audience directly through their influencers’ content, and can reach users who may not otherwise be aware of them.

Influencer affiliate program:

Instagram has introduced the concept of the Influencer Affiliate program, which allows brands to work with creators of content who have a large following.

While this model may seem ideal for brands that are looking to reach a broad audience, there are some issues that need to be addressed before it can be considered a successful marketing strategy.

First, the influencer must have a high level of trust from their followers. Second, the influencer must have a consistent, positive influence on their followers. Finally, the brand must have inherent value and a competitive influence.

Influencers are now increasingly recommending products and services to their followers. These people have huge followings and have the power to influence purchasing decisions for a large segment of the population.

Because of their high level of trust, influencers can effectively direct consumers to brands that are offering products they believe in. In return, they will earn a percentage of the profits made by the brands.

Shopping directly from social media:

Shopping directly from social media platforms is a new trend for many brands and consumers. In the past, consumers were reluctant to buy anything on these platforms because they feared their personal information would end up in the wrong hands or they might be scammed.

Today, however, consumers are more comfortable shopping on these platforms and brands should capitalize on the new revenue opportunities.

Almost half of internet users in the 18-34 age bracket have made a purchase on social media. Another 25% said they would like to make purchases on social media in the future. While China has been a leader in social shopping, researchers expect the market to expand in other developing nations.