Why you Should Choose a Serviced Office Space in Central London

By  //  September 2, 2022

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Moving a business or company to the UK’s capital city for work purposes might seem like a huge undertaking, but there are lots of positives to be gained from it – especially if the offices take a prime spot in London’s most prestigious boroughs and districts.

One of the best ways for your business to work and operate in central London is to try out serviced office spaces. They gave you a chance to try London short term out before making a full-time commitment, because you never know if the arrangement will work out well in the longer run.

To help you decide, here are a few reasons why serviced office spaces in central London might be the right choice.

Serviced office spaces offer great value

Looking for a serviced office in central London can actually show just what great value they are. The more you research rental companies, the more you notice how many positives there are – most notably its sensible monthly cost.  

Accommodation can be leased on a rolling contract and they’re often very flexible, meaning that if one location doesn’t suit, it’s easy to move on and find somewhere else that does. 

Prime locations are guaranteed

These days, it’s important to think about prime locations, often (but not always) in prestigious areas of the city. Seeking out serviced office spaces in central London really will show off a business’s credentials – and also its potential to expand and improve.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a city centre office or one situated in an area within easy commuting distance, just the fact that it’s attached to the UK’s capital gives instant kudos and merit. 

Travel in and around London can be easy

It’s often easier to commute in and out of a city centre location than it is to somewhere rural, or on the outskirts of town. Whilst not without their issues, London’s commuter links and public transport infrastructure are more often than not easier to navigate.

Once in the capital city itself, getting around is quick and easy and offers more opportunities for after-work socialising – or important client meetings.  

Connecting with other businesses

It’s easier to make new work connections when a business is in the heart of the action and not tucked out of the way somewhere.

Having an office space in central London means employees and associates will find it easier to meet up, connect, and forge new bonds with other companies – whether they’re in the same business or in other related industries.

Choosing to rent an office space in a particular area, such as the finance belt or in an area well known for tech start-ups, can also build and enhance a portfolio to impress new clients.


These are just a few of the reasons why choosing to find a serviced office space in London offers real benefits to businesses, employees, and clients alike. Not only can it help build up a solid profile in the short term, but longer term it can help create stability too.