7 Tips to Travel On a Budget In Your 20s

By  //  October 14, 2022

Traveling doesn’t require you to be of a certain age, all it requires is the will, passion, and love to roam across new locations and explore as much as you can. Another fact which we can agree with is that 20s are the best years for exploring as you might not wish to settle easily and your curiosity takes you to beyond what you can ever imagine. 

Traveling to beautiful destinations is fun but it is heavy on our usual budget so here are few tips which can let you travel under a certain budget during your 20s:

1. Planning Is The Key: If you are looking for travel dreams but within a certain budget, then planning is extremely helpful. Unplanned trips might be fun for some, but it majorly costs more as you’re left with lesser options for saving. You must find the location, inexpensive accommodation, budget-friendly restaurants, transportation means, and more. You can even apply for a Visitax Mexico online, to save time and money.

2. Work For Travel: Saving money is not always the way; you can also earn it while traveling! Earning money will actually increase your budget amount, and you won’t need to bother about it. 

■ You can find a remote online job that will take a few hours and will offer you money that can be utilized for travel expenses. You just need an internet connection and your device to work. 

■ You can also pick up some traditional work and save money for traveling. 

3. Try Voluntourism: Many organizations take volunteers to other countries for helping communities in need. You can volunteer and help people, in exchange of which you’ll be getting to travel for free. It’s an excellent way to fulfill your travel dreams. 

4. Find Cheaper Flights & Accommodations: The major portion of the money which you spend on travel goes in flight and hotel bookings. Find the cheapest flights and hotels on websites such as Southwest, Expedia, CheapOair, Priceline, etc. 

Such budget-friendly websites also provide exclusive discounts, which you can avail of by fulfilling the eligibility criteria.

While selecting hotels, you can look for additional perks like free breakfasts, laundry services, group day trips, free group meals, full equipped kitchens, free parking facilities, and more. 

5. Pack Lightly: Having a heavy luggage makes traveling inconvenient and might be costly sometimes. Budget airlines usually charge for a checked bag. Pack wisely while traveling and you can make your travel more convenient. 

6. Collect Travel Rewards Points Via Credit Cards: If you travel often, then credit cards with travel rewards are absolutely helpful. Just by changing your payment method, you can rack up points on all your purchases from groceries, to paying off your bills. These cards also provide airport lounge access across the world, and more such rewards. You can find the best card by doing some research. 

7. Make Your Travel Time Flexible: If you are actually into affordable travel, then you’ll have to adjust a bit in terms of timings as just by doing a little adjustment you can save unexpectedly. 

Travel to the right destination at the right time, as if you fly off-season then you can save significantly on flight tickets, hotel prices, transportation, and more. Meanwhile you can go to the locations which are super affordable such as Laos, Vietnam, Nepal, Turkey, Peru, Cuba, South Africa, Armenia, Bolivia, Colombia, and more. 

8. Pack Own Snacks & Instant Coffee: Whether you find it a hack or not, it is! Having snacks and coffee outside is pricey as compared to what you can make by yourself and hence it can save you more while traveling. Instead of paying for coffee or snacks you can spend the money to plan your another vacation and it’ll contribute well. 

If you are a student, then you can also apply for an exchange student program which will let you travel to another country. The travel expenses will be paid by the organizations funding the program. Sometimes, students also get monthly or weekly allowances by the organization. 

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