How British CFOs are Working Remotely in the Florida Sunshine

By  //  October 11, 2022

Florida is one of the most popular destinations for UK residents immigrating to the United States. What’s not to love? The Florida sunshine and happy-go-lucky lifestyle attract British people from all walks of life. The remote working revolution has seen British professionals swap their at-home offices for working remotely in Florida.

British CFOs are one demographic taking advantage of this. Florida’s East Coast time zone means they can start work early in the morning and have most of their afternoons and evenings free. 

More CFOs are choosing to work remotely, whether on an interim, full-time, or part-time basis. Recruitment agencies like FD Capital are seeing a sharp rise in British CFOs swapping London’s financial district for the Sunshine State.

How are British CFOs working remotely in the Florida sunshine? It’s easier than you think. We’re breaking down everything you need to know about how to work remotely in the United States as a British CFO. 

Grab your passport. It’s time to relocate.

Should You Relocate to Florida from the UK?

Remote working can be a massive lifestyle change. It’s not for everyone – nor is relocating to Florida. Most British people that move to Florida do so for the lifestyle benefits. They want to enjoy the warmer climate, lower cost of living, and Florida’s famous tourist destinations.

Before you start planning to work remotely in the Florida sunshine, you need to decide if the move is right for you. It’s usually a good idea to work remotely from home first to decide if it’s suited for your style of working.

Working remotely from Florida for a UK company means you’ll need to be available during UK working hours. British CFOs working in Florida remotely have to start their working day early in the morning but can log off come lunchtime. 

It’s a working day that can benefit CFOs with caring responsibilities or who want to explore the benefits of living in Florida. You can structure your day in a way that works for you. 

Professionals who work remotely are shown to be more productive, however, it removes the ‘water cooler’ culture of being in an office. As the digital nomad lifestyle becomes more mainstream, this culture is being replaced by the accessibility and ease of Zoom calls.

Changing Your CV for Remote Working

If you’ve experimented with remote working and have decided to relocate to Florida, you’ll need to update your CV. More companies are choosing to embrace remote working to reduce overhead costs and attract the brightest talent.

Competition for remote working positions is fierce. British CFOs working remotely in Florida get their positions through working with recruitment agencies. Boutique recruitment agencies like FD Capital are leading the way with remote recruitment for companies internationally. 

One thing every recruitment agency will tell you to do is to tailor your CV for working remotely. You’ll want to pinpoint the specific skills and talents that make you an ideal candidate for remote work.

Working remotely internationally means a company needs to have faith that you’ll deliver your work to the standard they expect. Spotlight your ability as a self-starter, independent thinking, and communication skills.

Look out for any potential gaps in your CV. Companies hiring on a remote basis are keen to find candidates who fit into the company culture and connect with the CEO. You want to tailor your CV to highlight your USP and what makes you a suitable candidate to work remotely. 

Why You Should Work with a Specialist Recruitment Agency

Working with a recruitment agency can help you access opportunities before they’re widely advertised, especially for remote opportunities. These recruitment agencies can also help you identify ways to improve your CV when applying for remote opportunities.

FD Capital is one of the leading recruitment agencies for British CFOs hoping to work remotely from Florida. Joining their talent pool can increase your chances of getting a remote position that allows you to work from the Florida sunshine.

The benefit of working remotely as a part-time or interim CFO is that you can explore part-time, interim, and full-time positions. British CFOs who work remotely from Florida can choose a contract style that works best for them and their lifestyles.

Searching for remote working opportunities can be overwhelming as it expands the number of potential companies you could work with. Working with a specialist recruitment agency can help you streamline your job search and improve the likelihood of finding the right match for you.

Invest In Your Remote Work Set-Up

You can only work remotely as a British CFO in Florida if you have the right set-up. Working in Florida for a UK company means you’ll have an early morning start. You’ll need to invest in an office set-up and equipment. It’s best to have a dedicated working area in your home, instead of working at your kitchen table.

Remote workers should invest in a computer that gives them high-quality video and audio, including a microphone or headset for better conference calls. You’ll also want to invest in reliable internet or purchase a data plan to help you stay connected on the go.

If you’re planning to work remotely and travel around Florida, invest in a travel kit to allow remote internet access and keep you connected, including power banks.

Build Relationships while Remote Working

British CFOs are successful at working remotely from Florida because they take time to build relationships. You want to invest in your interpersonal relationships within your organisation. Create personal friendships with your colleagues and look out for mentoring opportunities.

Don’t let your relationships be built solely on work calls. Schedule weekly catch-up calls with a more laid-back feel and get to know your colleagues outside their job roles. It’ll help you develop the ‘water cooler’ culture across computer screens. 

You can swap commuting by train for working from the comfort of your Florida home. It’s a lifestyle change that allows British CFOs to gain a better work/life balance and enjoy the benefits of living in the Florida sunshine.

Are you interested in swapping the famous British weather for the Sunshine State? Start your remote working journey as a financial professional by contacting FD Capital at You’ll be a Florida local in no time!