Top Sources to Download Funny HD Pictures for Free

By  //  October 22, 2022

4 Photo Stocks to Download Free Funny Pictures

People spend most of their web time working or solving personal issues. This leads to permanent emotional overstrain. Humor and positive vibes can help your friends and clients ease this stress and cope with negativity.

Funny images in your social media publications or blog posts are an excellent solution. They bring optimism to design projects and cheer your audience up. Read on to discover top sources to download free funny pictures to use in your commercial projects without copyright infringement.

Where can you use free funny pictures?

You can download funny pictures to realize the boldest ideas in your creative projects. For example, create cheerful stickers by cutting out elements from the visuals for your presentation. Or, just share a funny image in a working chat to boost your coworkers’ moods.

Here are some additional examples of where you can use funny pictures: 

■ Greeting cards. They are often dedicated to holidays or joyful events. So why not add funny images to your greeting cards and make them bring even more joy? Or, you can create a fun graphic illustration and dedicate it to a significant event invitation.

■ Flyers. Promotional materials stimulate commercial buying and inform about specific events. They usually look formal and dull. You can add funny images to your flyers in order to make them look more creative.

■ Creative projects. Modern designs deviate from typical, established visual patterns. Marketers strive to develop innovative ideas, surprising users with novelty. Humor and positivity are great ways to attract buyers and make effective ads.

■ Custom print clothing. Custom printing services allow artistic people to embody their wildest ideas and create unique clothing and new styles. Print eye-catching illustrations on T-shirts and let your outfit bring positivity to bypassers.

Top sources to download funny photos

You can download funny pictures from stock content marketplaces. These platforms offer licensed files on various topics that you can use for personal or commercial purposes.


Depositphotos is a leading stock content marketplace with 230+ million royalty-free photos, vectors, illustrations, videos, and music. You can browse trendy collections and multiple categories on a great variety of topics, choosing from professional business visuals to funny images.

High-quality artwork from international contributors is added to the library daily. To quickly find needed images, use advanced search filters to sort files by type, orientation, date, contributor, color, number of people, location, and origin. Moreover, the Search by Image tool will help you find licensed HD pictures if you have a reference visual.

How can you download free funny photos from the Depositphotos stock content marketplace?

1. Click here to visit the Free Files category on the Depositphotos official website.

2. Enter any relevant search request.

3. Click on the Search icon and browse the results.

4. Choose an image you like.

5. Select the file type and size, and download the chosen image.


Pixabay is a creative design community that shares free photos, vectors, illustrations, videos, music tracks, and sound effects. The library contains 2.6+ million high-quality files. You can use them for commercial and personal projects.

To look through the top files, you can browse curated collections with the most inspiring images. You can also sort suggested files by type, orientation, size, and color to accelerate the process of finding suitable, funny visuals. Pixabay, releases content under a Custom License, stating that you can use images in your commercial projects for free and without source attribution.

To get funny images from Pixabay, follow these steps: 

1. Access the stock content marketplace from your browser.

2. Choose the file category, enter a keyword, and start searching.

3. Look through the images and select one.

4. Click on the Free Download button to save the picture to your device.


Freepik provides a massive library of stock files for personal and commercial projects. It includes 4.5+ million photos, vectors, illustrations, templates, mock-ups, and PSD files.

You can browse thematic image collections to find the right visuals for your projects. It is also straightforward to search for relevant content on Freepik by adjusting filters like file category, license type, color, number of people, orientation, and style. Note that you must attribute Freepik when using its free files for commercial purposes.

How to download funny images on Freepik:

1. Visit the Freepik official website.

2. Enter your keyword in the search box.

3. Click on the Search icon or press Enter.

4. Look through the results to find funny visuals.

5. Open a file and click on the Download button to save it.


The Vecteezy library, offering free image and video files, makes seeking high-quality visuals easy with its thematic collections, popular categories, and advanced search filters. The filters include file category, license type, color, and orientation options. Moreover, Trending Searches and Tags let you discover collections with the most demanded pictures. To use the platform’s free files in your business projects, you must credit the source.

How can you get funny images on Vecteezy?

1. Open Vecteezy in your preferred browser.

2. Enter your request in the search box or use suggested tags.

3. Click on the Search button or press Enter to get to the results.

4. Browse funny images and select the one you like.

5. Click on the Download button.


You can cheer up the busiest people with a few funny images. Just send a witty visual to your colleagues, create a vibrant collage for a work presentation, or come up with an eye-catching greeting card. You can also design unique clothing prints with funny images to bring joy to the people around you. Make sure to download free funny photos on stock content marketplaces. These platforms provide licensed content files that you can use to bring your fun, creative ideas to life.