Want Full Coverage of NFL Games For Free? Here’s How

By  //  October 5, 2022

Looking to catch full coverage of nfl games online? Are you tired of going to your local bar and enduring the crowds to watch the NFL? Want to watch the NFL in peace, at home, or anywhere on your devices> Well, thanks to the internet that is now possible! In that case, look further than this article.

We’re going to tell you all about; NFL free streams, official NFL channels, and of course, VPNs! That is, how you can watch your favorite sport from anywhere in the world without being confined to the United States. 

The NFL is the largest and longest enduring professional football league in the United States. It is made up of thirty-two teams in two conferences, the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC).

The team in the National Football Conference Champions (NFC) is bested by the team that wins the American Football Conference versus the Championship in the super bowl game at the end of each season.

What Is a Free Online Stream?

A stream can be audio or video content, or a combination of both, that is usually accessible via a website. The difference between a stream and, say, a YouTube video is that streams are non-stop ongoing coverage. This can also be live coverage from a TV channel or otherwise.

Free streams relating to almost every sport are available today via the internet. A simple search will give up a bunch of free streams, but remember that not all of them should be clicked. For that reason, this article includes recommendations for NFL free streams that work and that should only be accessed with a VPN. More on VPNs and how to set them up is below!

What Is a Virtual Private Network?

A VPN is a network security software, also called a Virtual Private Network. This software can modify internet addresses as well as secure your internet connection. Think of them as a safety tunnel for all of your internet data going in and out of your devices.

One great trick that VPNs can do is to modify your IP address. This means you can effectively change your location. Connecting to a server in another country will give you that country’s version of Google, for example. This means you’ve effectively tricked the internet into thinking you are somewhere else. This is exactly what you need to access NFL free streams from anywhere because all NFL-related content is pegged to the United States, geographically.

Visiting a site that offers NFL content from Europe, for example, will give you a blank page or no stream at all. With a VPN, however, now you’re in the US! More on that is below.

Watch NFL Games For Free Online From Anywhere With a VPN

First of all, to be able to watch the NFL online with a free streaming service, here’s a list of recommended ones that you can use safely (but now without a VPN). 


2. 123 TV

3. Live Soccer TV

4. Live TV

5. Stream2Watch

6. StreamNFL

7. NFLBites

8. NFLWebcast

9. SportLemonTV

10. CricFreeTV

11. BuffStreams

12. BossCast

Below are the official channels that cover the NFL. Free streams take content from these channels and broadcast them to the streams above (sometimes these websites will extract this coverage illegally but that is not your problem).


■ ESPN 2

■ CBS Sports

■ NBC Sports

■ FOX Sports 1

■ FOX Sports 2

■ The NFL Network

■ NFL RedZone

Now we come to the setup. First of all, you need to grab a good VPN. Avoid the free ones and go for premium subscriber-only VPN services. You can find a lot of information about the best VPNs in 2022 with a simple online search. Now, once you pay a few dollars for the monthly subscription you will receive your VPN app as a downloaded file for your particular device.

All you need to do next is install it, allow the configuration to take place, open the app and finally click on a US server. Your internet traffic is now being re-routed through that VPN provider’s United States server! Surely, you know what comes next? Now your streams will work!

That is all there is to it. Although organizations are fighting against VPNs and trying to blacklist them, simply refreshing your US server or changing to another city in the US will throw that off completely. Also, remember that VPN usage is not recommended in authoritarian regimes such as China, North Korea, Belarus, Turkey, Arab countries, and more (you can find out all about that with a simple online search, too).

Now, have fun watching free streams via a US VPN server! Remember, the same applies to your paid subscriptions. Unlock these the same way by simply utilizing the power of a VPN.