We Buy Houses – Chicago Reports More Sellers Moving To Florida

By  //  October 27, 2022

According to the 2020 census, Chicago has a 2,756,546 population, and that’s why it is Illinois’ largest city and the 3rd largest city in the US. But in the past few years, the surveys found a decline in the population as many people relocate.

80% of Illinois’ cities lost their population, according to the new Census of 2021 population, especially Chicago, which lost 114,000 people, 40% of the total. Even this year, Chicago reports more sellers moving to Florida. To know why and what challenges people face while leaving Chicago, continue to read this article.

Chicago Real Estate Market

From September 2021 to September 2022, the price of Chicago homes increased by 5.9%. Though the market has a higher value, the buyer has an upper position instead of the seller. Even the surveys show that this increase will continue in the upcoming years.

The seller has only a few months in the year when they may find the right buyers for their houses; otherwise, they are no severe loss due to unemployment or mortgages. However, some offer great help to homeowners in this regard by purchasing their houses without any renovation at a good price. To get one’s service and to make a deal of your house today, click on the link below:


Chicago Reports More Sellers Moving To Florida (Reasons)

Though a significant increase, the surveys see, in the number of people relocating to other states by leaving Chicago. The snowy weather, heavy taxes, and unemployment are some root causes of such harsh decisions.

Recently, despite other renowned states, another state got a position on the list: Florida. There must have been many reasons behind it, and some that I think are worth mentioning are as follows.

Affordable Living & No Individual Taxes

You will discover while comparing Chicago with Florida that in order to live in certain cheap cities in Florida, you won’t need much more money than you would in Chicago. Some of Florida’s higher expenditures may be attributed to its costlier nightlife and higher property prices, while the state’s cheaper food and utility prices more than makeup for it. Moreover, transportation is becoming better, so there is no need for personal vehicles.

Despite the total cost being greater, one significant benefit of living in Florida is that individuals have no state income tax. Pick a city to live in that fits your budget; there are options such as

  • Cape Coral
  • Fort Meade
  • Jacksonville
  • Gainesville (Safest & Cheapest)
  • Edgewater
  • Quincy
  • Orlando


When it comes to employment opportunities, no one can deny the winning of Florida. The unemployment rate in Florida has been 2.5 percent recently, and the rate in Chicago is 4.5 percent. Florida is one such country in the United States where the residents get great employment opportunities, both small and big ones.

Perfect Place For Thalassophile

Beachgoers will find their utopia in Florida, which is bounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea. In point of fact, the state of Florida is home to several beaches that rank among the most breathtaking in the whole globe.

This is true that you will never be more than half an hour away from a beach, no matter where in the state you choose to build your house, which is one of the most incredible things about living in Florida. It seems as if you are constantly away on vacation, even when you aren’t.

Weather & Outdoor Activities

Because of Florida’s perpetually pleasant climate and abundant sunlight, the state is sometimes referred to as “The Sunshine State.” One of the primary reasons Florida has always been a popular place to reside is because of its pleasant temperature and its average of more than 300 sunny days each year. You are no more enduring the treacherous conditions of Chicago’s icy winters. It is time to ditch your winter jackets and boots in favor of t-shirts and flip-flops all year.

On the other hand, the sun provides boundless opportunities for people to enjoy themselves while doing things outside. The weather is one of the primary reasons many people are relocating to some of the hottest locations in Florida.

The Difficulty The Homeowners/Sellers Face While Leaving Chicago

When you own a home, relocating from one city or state to another is not a simple undertaking, particularly if you are moving across state lines. People only discuss the problems they anticipate encountering in their new city, such as locating a new residence, establishing a household, procuring food and transportation, enrolling in new schools, and a wide variety of other problems ranging in severity from minor to major.

But what about those problems you might encounter while leaving a city? Selling of a previous home or paperwork. People who have been through it know that selling a home can be daunting because there are many things that buyers or companies see before purchasing your home.

So, to know what causes the biggest hindrance, check the below list.

  • The location of your house sometimes causes the most significant issue.
  • Your expected price may be too high.
  • You can’t find the right broker or buyers.
  • You don’t have proper resources.
  • Your home has been sitting empty for quite some time now.
  • You have no money to renovate your house; you just want to sell it.
  • Your house has water damage and mold issues.
  • The roof is leaking, and it has plumbing issues.
  • Any part of your house has been damaged by fire.
  • You want to need it done within a few days (due to any reason) but can’t find the way because there are not many buyers in the market.

Then in all such situations, what should be your righteous step?

What’s The Solution

I have discussed all the problems above, but what’s the solution? Isn’t it unfair to leave you clueless? Don’t worry, because the answer is in sight of you. “We buy houses” is one such name that brings the easiest solution to all sellers’ problems. Though there are many reasons to get their help, I’ll mention only a few.

Get your cash even before closing.

All those in a hurry can find nothing better than this opportunity. Selling a house is laborious and stressful. First, finding a suitable buyer and then convincing him to pay the desired amount is also very difficult. And then doing all the paperwork and receiving money, all these things are a separate mess.

But what if you get your house sold within 7-12 days and even receive the payment in advance without stress? Isn’t it a blessing? Yes, of course, we buy houses is truly a helper; it will lock a deal within a minimum of days, like seven days. And if you ask for the payment in cash, even in advance, they offer it so you can easily pay your mortgage and take off for your new house.

Ultimate Help In The Case Of A Mortgage

Mortgage causes the biggest problem when it comes to Chicago homeowners. As I already told you, it offers advance payments but can also help the mortgagers in other ways. It’s difficult for mortgagers to sell their homes due to paperwork, bank work, taxes, etc. People often try to avoid such things, but not in the case of “we buy houses” because it helps in this matter also, without asking for too many documents.

Leave Your Stress Of House Renovation.

Another major problem is the condition of houses. If you want to sell it to any other person or family, their first demand is renovation, which takes time and money. Especially when you have a shortage of time or already have a mortgage to pay, you are in real trouble in both situations.

Renovating the house is needed, but “we buy houses” takes this trouble from you. They never ask for any renovation, even not for a single piece. Moreover, they do not deduct renovation money from the price of the house, nor do they have any terms and conditions.

Is Your House Unlivable; Don’t Worry

Though after reading the upper heading, many people may be wondering how much worse condition houses they buy. So don’t worry; even if your home has been unlivable and uninhabited for years, you can still take their help. Whether it’s a leaking roof, damaged walls, water or sewage problems, or a part of your home that’s burned down due to a fire, you can turn to them for help without any hassle or worry about renovations. They will take a house from you even in the worst condition and pay you a fair and reasonable price for the home, which will surely be close to your demand.


So, you have read the article; I know it’s lengthy but worth reading. As people are moving to Florida by leaving Chicago and selling their homes, that’s when we buy houses is most helpful. So, what are you waiting for? If you have decided to sell your house to go to Florida, keep your bags packed and leave all the selling stress to “we buy houses.”