4 Ideas for a Couple in NYC

By  //  November 28, 2022

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A date night is great, but a date night with a difference is everything! Sometimes it can be difficult to think of anything other than dinner and drinks when as a couple, that’s what’s been the norm.

However, there are lots of other interesting – and sometimes sexy – things to choose from that enliven a relationship or spice things up. Looking for things to do or ideas for a couple in NYC? We’ve got you covered. 

NSFW in NYC..? 

Let’s get down to it. Something that’s NSFW or even just a little bit spicier than normal can be just the ticket. Some of the sexiest dates NYC happen at the burlesque clubs and sex-positive venues in the city.

Clubs like Madame X and Joyride offer intimate, relaxed, and romance-driven surroundings that will help create the right mood for a night of passion. Madame X is a swanky cocktail bar that also offers fine wines, great music, and sensual dance from the performers.

Joyride is known as a sex-positive comedy and variety show which helps couples relax and get in the mood! 

Explore Brooklyn’s Botanical Gardens

Escape the noise and clamor of the city and head out for some tranquil meandering through the botanical gardens in Brooklyn. There are over 50 acres of grounds to visit here and a great variety of paths, walks, and terraces to explore.

If venturing there in Spring, the iconic Cherry Blossom covered trees should be in full bloom, something that’s always worth seeing. 

After that, make a beeline to the Garden’s highly-rated restaurant, the Yellow Magnolia, for a delicious lunch in beautiful surroundings.

Visit the Catacombs

Now, this might not seem at first glance like the most exciting thing to do, but taking a night-time trip to the catacombs at Lower Manhattan Cathedral, when they’re lit up by candlelight can be one of the most romantic and interesting things you can do as a couple in New York City. 

It’s one of the city’s kept secrets. Once away from the main body of the cathedral, the underground passageways open up, and the guided tour inspires, enlightens, and informs of the fascinating history of this two-hundred-year-old building. 

Fly high in the sky and see NYC from the clouds

Intrepid couples who perhaps don’t have quite as much time to leave the city as they’d like could invest in an air trip that allows a bird’s eye view of NYC from the sky.

Book a helicopter tour and fly high over the city’s biggest and best-known landmarks. There are plenty of amazing photo opportunities and the flights themselves arrive and depart at multiple points during the day so it’s always easy to find a date and time that suits you. 


Spicing up a relationship is easy when you know how – whether it’s adding a little frisson with a visit to a club, or flying high in the sky with an aerial tour of the city it’s easy to find ways to add a little excitement and adventure. Try something new and reinvent yourselves!