Art beyond painting. How artists getting fame and recognition in the tattoo industry these days

By  //  November 17, 2022

(Renowned Russian Tattooist Bazhen Nikitin)

Etching or engraving offers a new perspective in tattoo art. The tattoo industry is prevalent and competitive, and success is possible if you create your tattoo brand. High-quality work will always distinguish excellent tattoo artists.

Bazhen Nikitin is a talented tattoo artist known for his signature style. He got his name known in one of the most significant events in tattoo industry- Artstation International 2021. Later, in August 2022, he was awarded the first place for International Online Tattoo Convention 2022.

His masterpieces draw inspiration from the medieval. Today, we had the fantastic opportunity to speak with him and learn more about his authentic style and tattoo art.

Glimpse into the tattoo world

Bazhen received his first tattoo at age 18 and fell in love with it immediately. This action led him to a career as a tattoo artist. At that time, Bazhen determined that this was his ideal profession.

To pursue his aspirations, he received the appropriate tattooing training. The tattoo novice was given an entire year of intensive practice to master the skills. Bazhen has been in this industry for the past eight years.

Attraction to art

Bazhen has always nurtured a love for drawing. At the age of 13, he was obsessed with sketching. Bazhen was spending hours sketching, drawing inspiration from almost anything.

His passion for art made his way into design school, where Bazhen spent two years. At the same time, Bazhen was enjoying his career as a tattoo artist so much. Since it got well and brought him the desired income, Bazhen decided it was time to leave college.

Tattoo inspiration

Bazhen gets his inspiration from old medieval engravings and etchings, his signature style. Some of the tattoo designs might look odd. But this is what makes them unique.

Bazhen loves to create unique designs and is already working on his projects. His work approach is distinctive, and Bazhen doesn’t do custom designs. The tattoo artist feels these consume his energy and don’t let him unleash his creativity. Bazhen loves to create new designs that align with his signature style.

His clients are free to choose from his pre-made designs and find the one that fits them best. This unique way of doing tattoos not only brought him a wealth of customer resources but also made him a well-known tattoo master, and there was an endless stream of people seeking advice from him.

Work process

Even known as a mastery tattoo artist, Bazhen still loves to take time to discuss the process with his clients. Bazhen believes this is a crucial step in the process. He will discuss the design and solve every question with his client. Next comes setting up the tattoo station. Bazhen likes to organize everything so that it is readily accessible.

Tattoo sessions can be long, so he ensures maximum comfort for the client. When the tattoo is ready, the tattoo professional follows up with the aftercare process and takes photos if agreed. The reputable artist has been highly appreciated by his clients even if they are distant. In the past, Bazhen has traveled to other locations, even other countries, per the client’s request.

The Way Beyond

A few trends will remain popular in the world of tattooing. Developing a signature style will be highly requested so that such artists will be in demand. Personal branding as a tattoo artist will gain colossal importance, as clients will turn to them for their unique approach. Bazhen knows this from experience since many customers already came to his studio because they liked his style.

Thanks to his extensive customer base, Bazhen does not have to worry about his business. However, he is a person with bigger ambitions. When he has free time, he travels to various locations and attempts to create more distinctive tattoos by incorporating elements from many cultures. He is about to compile all of the tattoos he has done along his travels and publish them in his own book. He will then conduct master classes at renowned tattoo studios to demonstrate his personal design abilities.

Personal tattoos

As the tattoo artist said, he got his first one at 18. It was a flash design made by a local artist. Bazhen might not enjoy looking at it so much, but he doesn’t regret having tattoos. By now, he has so many and plans to do more.