Best Museums in Barcelona to Visit

By  //  November 28, 2022

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Barcelona is an artistic city, as seen by the majestic architecture left behind by Antoni Gaud and his predecessors when strolling around the city streets. There are museums across Barcelona, some of which house internationally recognized artworks.

Whether your interests are in art or in marine history, science, or Spanish culture (to mention a few), you may explore these topics in depth while in Barcelona. When visiting Barcelona, you should make time to visit at least a handful of the city’s fantastic museums.

With over 55 museums throughout Barcelona, you’ll have enough to choose from—the hardest part will be limiting down your options. Here are a handful of the most popular, and ones you won’t want to miss if you only have a few days in Spain’s most visited city.

Moco Museum

The new child on the block is called Moco Museum. Barcelona’s newest museum is now open to the public, embracing both locals and visitors with works by artists such as Basquiat, Banksy, Warhol, and Dal. Let’s take a look at the city’s new cultural venue.

The success of the museum in the Netherlands, with its headquarter in Amsterdam, prompted the construction of a second facility in the center of Barcelona. Moco is named after the modern (“Mo”) and contemporary (“Co”) art houses.

This new museum in Barcelona’s cultural hub confirms Moco’s dedication to modern art by focusing on established and rising artists from all over the world and keeping a finger on the current art trends. The first thing guests notice when they enter the realm at Moco Center Barcelona is indeed a mosaic composed of Rubik’s Cubes.

Close inspection reveals that all these colorful squares represent the figures of three Bond girls in a sculpture by Paris-born contemporary artist Invader. Moco’s collection of 41 amazing items contains 20% of pieces straight from the Logchies personal collection, with additional pieces loaned from their famous network of collectors & artists from throughout the world.

Picasso Museum 

The museum, which is situated on Montcada roadside in Barcelona’s Born area, was opened in 1963, underlining its relationship to the city of Barcelona, where Picasso spent his adolescence and youth.

The museum was founded in a palace as the Sabartés Collection, named for the artist’s friend and personal secretary, who donated pieces from his personal collection for the establishment of a unique museum dedicated to the Malaga-born artist.

The museum has grown throughout the years and now encompasses five historic palaces in Barcelona.

It began in the Aguilar Castle, a 12th-century structure, and was later expanded either by Baron de Castellet Royal palace, the Meca Palace, this same Mauri House, or the Finestres Palace. Because of its position and the stunning buildings that house it, it is likely the most beautiful museum in the city.

The large collection includes his early drawings, works from 1917, the blue and pink eras, the Las Meninas collection, and a full collection of engravings. Temporary exhibitions are also held here. Buy the Picasso Museum tickets now to explore the historic collections 

Gaudí House Museum

Antoni Gaudi, a globe architect and also the greatest practitioner of Catalan Modernism, was one of Barcelona’s defining figures. The Gaudi House Museum, which also happened to be a house he lived in, pays tribute to his brilliance. The museum houses furniture, items, and mementos created by Gaudi himself between 1906 and 1925.

The palace is located in Park Guell, a housing project designed by Gaudi himself. The museum gives us a look into his life. The bedroom and studio have been preserved as they were when Gaudi resided here, allowing visitors to see how the master architect pondered his ideas.

Museum of Illusions

Optical illusions are fascinating phenomena in which our brains are deceived into believing we are seeing something other than what we actually are. They can, however, be a fantastic opportunity to allow your mind to run wild to enjoy experiences and circumstances that are only seen by the magic of illusion.

Visitors to Barcelona’s Museum of Illusions can enjoy some of the great visual trickery inside the world, spending an extraordinary few hours being wiped away in some amazing phenomena.

A few of the incredible experiences users can try out at the Gallery of Illusions include celebrating a goal to FC Barcelona, experiencing the pure rush of adrenaline of it being mowed down by a shark or even a lion, traveling to some of the amazing areas of the city without being forced to move a muscle, or taking the lead in a complete host of other amazing stories and adventures.

In Seventeen Calle Pintor Fortuny inside this Raval District, more than successful expansion of space awaits, with every square foot planned to make your visit a great day out where you may delight in a variety of sensations and scenarios owing to optical tricks and masterful use of perspective.