Getting to Grips With Online Casino Promotions

By  //  November 29, 2022

When it comes to playing a game or two online on a casino site, there are many ways you could earn yourself a little gameplay boost.

This could include spinning the perfect combination of symbols within a game of Slots to unlock a free spins round, or by claiming one of the latest online casino promotions found on the site’s promotions page.

Not many players think to explore the promotions page every time they log in to play, and check to see if anything offered can help towards their gaming session.

By checking the promotions page before you press play, you may find a new way to become a bit of a casino connoisseur, your next favourite game on the virtual floor or gain more ways to potentially unlock a jackpot.

Join us, as we explore some of the many bonuses you could stumble upon when you next check the promotions and bonus page on your favourite casino site.

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Deposit bonus

This kind of bonus requires a deposit into your bankroll to unlock. Once the requirements found in the terms and conditions are met, the bonus prize is awarded to you.

Usually, the deposit bonus awards you with a percentage of what you have deposited back. This can then be used wherever you like within the virtual floor, or sometimes, offers may only let you use your bonus credit in certain areas – again, all details can be found in the terms and conditions.

No deposit bonus

The name of this bonus gives it away, but with this bonus, all you need to do is press claim. There’s no need to deposit any money into your bankroll or for you to spend any credits to claim it.

This bonus type is usually attached to a new slot game, allowing players the chance to explore something new for free. 

Free spins bonus

The free spins bonus is the most commonly found bonus type on the promotions page. Again, the name of this bonus gives you an indication as to what’s involved – free spins!

This is usually offered to both new and existing players, and requires a deposit to unlock, but once unlocked, it can be spun into play on an array of eligible Slots.

Each free spin is commonly paired with a 0.10 credit amount, allowing you to spin your free spins and still potentially win a prize.

When it comes to spinning your free spins, it’s more than likely they’ve been given a requirement to only be playable in certain games found on the virtual casino floor – typically new or recently added games. By doing this, you get to play free spins, whilst being introduced to, potentially, your new favourite game.

Loyalty bonus

You may find that many casino site providers off a free daily game to players as a little thank you for playing with them. These loyalty games could help you secure a free spin or two, credits, tokens or even a gameplay bonus – all sites vary, so it’s always worth checking the terms and conditions before accepting.