Role of Quantity Surveying in Construction Industry

By  //  November 25, 2022

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Management and control of various construction-related aspects are a big part of quantity surveying.

It provides knowledge of technical aspects of construction over the course of a facility’s or building’s life cycle, a crucial project control tool for achieving the best value and quality while still meeting a client’s requirements.

History Of Quantity Surveying

One of the first civilizations to use specialized experts to conduct cost and estimation for their magnificent structures was the Egyptian Civilization. Due to the unprecedented advancement of project control systems, the roles of professional experts and the scope of various construction project management jobs have undergone a radical transformation.

To get the best value for resources to be used, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the potential outcomes of project design decisions at an early stage.

In terms of the conventional method, quantity surveying is about contracts and reducing construction costs by precisely measuring the amount of work necessary. Quantity surveying is frequently used in the fields of project management, contracting operations, and construction engineering.

Tendering, value management, change control, cost estimation, and claims management are just a few of the numerous construction activities that fall under the purview of quantity surveying.

It supports the design process by implementing systematic cost criteria that are focused on upholding a reasonable economic relationship between cost, utility, and quality. This aids managers in meeting client requirements within a set budget and timeline.

Quantity Surveying Company’s Functions

Large construction projects are intricate in nature and involve numerous contracts and legal obligations. For these projects, clients require an equally comprehensive solution for efficient utilization and management of resources as well as budget. It is widely acknowledged that surveyors are essential to the contract administration process and other project management-related activities.

Quantity surveyors have a distinct role to play when taking into account all stakeholders, including owners, contractors, architects, and engineers. When it comes to making sure a project is carried out effectively, contract interpretation and drafting are valuable skills. Availing services of a quantity surveyor company ensure all of these aforementioned tasks are taken care of and executed properly to meet client requirements.  

Work must be completed by contractors by the time and date specified in the contracts. However, a lack of focus on the evaluation of variation orders causes many projects to experience delays, unsatisfactory results, and financial difficulties.

Variations are crucial for estimating project duration and cost. Quantity surveyors have a rich and varied role to play, from the pre-construction stage to the post-construction stage.

Quantity surveyors examine plans created by engineers and designers during the pre-construction stage, identify the costs involved, and then establish a generally assessed budget plan for each project task.

Quantity surveyors assist the design team during the design phase by coming up with workable solutions. A quantity surveying company assigns a team for each project, with each member contributing through their own skills and expertise to complete all phases of construction.  

The construction industry is changing. Given the rapidly shifting dynamics of the construction industry, it is critical that current experts and future experts adopt a proactive approach to drive change rather than focusing on improvements.


The Quantity surveying industry has undergone a rapid transformation, going from near extinction in the past to being a crucial component of construction project management. Quantity surveyors are now regarded as significant players in the construction industry as the field of quantity surveying is expanding quickly.