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By  //  November 21, 2022

Choosing coloring pictures for children helps parents control the source of knowledge and understanding that children have just absorbed and creates conditions for parents to contact the child’s world more.

Sometimes, it is the little things that children learn through coloring pages that are valuable knowledge. With Rangoli and Numbers coloring pages, let’s familiarize yourself with numbers and unique patterns!

Rangoli coloring pages: Rangoli is the cultural beauty of India

Rangoli art expresses drawings on a flat surface, such as the floor with rice flour, flour, colored sand, flower petals, etc. Rangoli represents the beliefs and worship of the people to the gods in the Hindu religion and is also seen as a symbol of welcome and good luck.

In ancient ritual sacrifices, Hindus often drew intricately patterned circles on the ground, creating a sacred place to welcome the gods. When rangoli became popular, it played more of a decorative role in adorning sidewalks, yards, etc.

To paint rangoli, people use rice flour that is finely ground and colored by natural methods from turmeric, cinnamon powder, mint leaves, charcoal, etc. Nowadays, chemical colors are used more commonly. In addition, rangoli paintings are also painted with colored sand, grains, petals, etc. The size of rangoli has no limit, it can be small, but it can also be huge.

When drawing rangoli, artists have to follow a rule. All drawings must be closed; because people think that: the devil has no way to enter the house, etc. The use of rice flour has turned rangoli into edible works of art.

Once formed, ants, birds, or other creatures can freely dine; thus, rangoli symbolizes harmony between entities. Rangoli’s works cannot last forever and will disappear to make room for new creations.

In ancient times, beautiful rangoli patterns were decorated on the doorsteps of Indians to welcome guests. Besides decoration, rangoli is also a symbol of good luck.

To this day, rangoli retains its charm and is very popular in many Indian festivals such as Diwali, Onam, and Pongal or special occasions such as weddings, birth celebrations, etc.

Although famous, the Diwali light festival is the most used rangoli occasion. On this occasion, people paint rangoli on the entrance to the house both to welcome guests and to welcome Goddess Lakshmi, who symbolizes prosperity and wealth. Traditionally, rangoli are performed by women.

The designs and places of rangoli creation are also different, reflecting each region’s distinct traditions, customs, and practices.

Indians think that making rangoli is like sending a wish. After completing the task of conveying that wish soar high, so far away, the rangoli will leave to make room for a new image, a new dream, and that will be carried on from life to life.

Printable Rangoli coloring sheets

Rangoli coloring pages will be an exciting and unique subject for children to improve their coloring and creativity. These are paintings with many intricate details.

These details and strokes will continue and form different textures and shapes. Your children’s picture will have flowers, stars, circles, and squares. The different shapes will create a harmonious and vivid image.

With printable Rangoli coloring sheets, children will practice skillful and careful skills. Because these are complex, detailed, and difficult pictures, children must observe carefully and then carefully color them so that the colors do not bleed into the lines.

We recommend Rangoli coloring pictures for children from 8-10 years old because, at this age, children who have mastered coloring activities will have awareness and know how to combine colors.

Children can have many different coloring ideas when coloring with Rangoli coloring pages. Children can use dark colors to color and create mysterious pictures. Children can also use bright colors to create vivid images. Children can be creative by combining opposite colors to create outstanding pictures.

Adults can also color Rangoli coloring sheets. Once upon a time, Rangoli coloring was trendy among young people. These coloring pages help entertain, relax and relieve stress. Printable Rangoli coloring pictures are also an opportunity for those who love harmony to show and develop talents.

Numbers coloring pages: It is coloring pages for preschoolers

Parents can refer to and learn Numbers coloring pages for their children to count numbers at home. Number coloring pictures with cute illustrations help children become more excited when learning to paint and count numbers.

Right from the first clumsy pen strokes, the children were taught by their parents to color numbers coloring pages to practice color recognition skills, flexibility, and agility of fingers, as well as memorizing numbers.

Printable Numbers coloring sheets

Teaching children to learn numbers is often a concern for parents from a very early age; using coloring pictures to teach children to learn at home is now quite popular with many parents.

Numbers are also one of the essential lessons that follow throughout the child’s life; making them familiar with numbers from an early age is a matter of concern to parents. Using numbers coloring pictures for children to familiarize themselves with and recognize numbers is a way to help children easily grasp numbers quickly and improve their ability to recognize colors.

Printable Number coloring sheets are the most exact numbers; the pattern of numbers with cute animals will help children color and remember numbers more easily.

With this collection, your children will fit in. Practice coloring while understanding the meaning of each number. Parents should let children practice coloring on the subject of numbers until the child learns the alphabet, then stop moving to another issue.

Every time the child finishes painting a picture, parents should ask the child the meaning of that picture so that the child can remember the numbers longer. Coloring pictures of numbers help children learn while playing, stimulating creativity and thinking development in children.


Every parent wants their child to grow up to be intelligent and talented; to achieve this is not easy nor too difficult, as long as parents have suitable education methods at an early age.

One of the ways is to teach your child to color. Your children will learn patience and ingenuity and develop more creative thinking after learning to paint. Rangoli and Numbers coloring pages are coloring pages that children and parents can find at