Is Heroin Rehab Expensive?

By  //  December 2, 2022

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Rehab can be expensive but if you are suffering from drug addiction, there is no other way to get over it but to get treated. Three factors significantly affect the cost of your rehab. 

First, it depends on the degree of your condition. If you have been taking high doses of the substance for some time, or you have been suffering from comorbidities, your treatment can be more expensive than the regular type of care.

Usually, treatment is longer for these serious cases and they also demand complex medical care. 

Second, it depends on the type of care you prefer. A luxury drug rehab Orange County can offer a wide range of amenities that you can comfortably enjoy and this comes with a high price.

Reputable rehab centers are also more expensive than the less popular ones. Online reviews can show you how the quality of services varies among these facilities. 

Lastly, it depends on the treatment which your doctor would recommend for. Although your preference matters in deciding your treatment plan, medical advice must still be followed.

It is expected that when you go to inpatient treatment, you are likely to pay more than going to outpatient care. 

What Makes Heroin Rehab Expensive

Rehab can be expensive because heroin is a powerful substance that is difficult to let go of. The body will intensely suffer as soon as the substance is flushed out from the system. Withdrawal management for the drug can be crucial and more costly than substances such as cocaine.  

Drug withdrawal can be distressing. Cravings for the drug can be so intense that they could strongly influence relapse in just a few days after you quit using the drug.

To prevent this, opioid medications are mostly prescribed to reduce the strength of the cravings and make withdrawal more bearable. 

Apart from that, patients with drug addiction may also suffer from co-occurring disorders such as mental health problems or another type of substance addiction.

This drug is commonly used as a means of self-medication among individuals with underlying mental health illnesses. It is also commonly used to magnify the high from other substances.  

These conditions require specialized treatment which not all rehab centers offer. Skills and expertise are required for their care. A dual diagnosis program is a holistic approach to heroin treatment. It aims to treat co-existing disorders altogether, considering that leaving one ailment untreated will only lead to relapse in the long run. 

What Do I Pay For In A Drug Rehab Treatment?

You will be paying for the medications, the professional services provided by your healthcare team, and the amenities you need during treatment. It can be expensive, however; it gives the huge benefit of improving the quality of your life.

If you prolong your addiction, it will only lead you to a much greater cost than you can imagine. Worst, it may even cost you your life. 

There are many options available to help you finance the cost of your rehab treatment. The federal government has been strongly reinforcing the accessibility of rehab treatment by providing grants to those who could barely pay for its prices.

Meanwhile, the following can give you a perspective on how much a regular treatment can potentially cost. 


Detox is an essential part of the treatment plan that you need to go through before anything else. Some programs include detox in the package while there are also facilities that offer detox services alone.

The latter typically costs from $1000 to $1500 while the former can let you save up a little more than the other option. 

Inpatient Treatment

The minimum length of treatment that every rehab center offers is 30 days. Other options include a 60-day and 90-day program. Most experts emphasize that the longer the treatment, the better the outcome.

However, this also entails a higher cost. A regular 30-day program can cost about $6,000 while the top of the line facilities may cost about $20,000. 

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment can be far less expensive than inpatient care. However, this program is never suited for those with severe conditions.

A 90-day outpatient program may usually cost about $5,000 only, although other facilities may cost as much as $10,000. The cost still depends on how often the patient visits for rehab care. 


A year-long methadone treatment can approximately reach up to $4,700. The main medications for controlling cravings for heroin are either methadone or buprenorphine. 

Any of this can also be given as maintenance drugs for up to a year, just to ensure that the cravings for the drug remain controlled. 

Is Drug Rehab Treatment Effective?

Rehab is effective especially when the treatment is supported by a dedicated engagement in aftercare programs. Relapse is a common occurrence with heroin. However, it can be avoided through relapse-prevention measures right after completing a rehab treatment. 

A healthy lifestyle coupled with active participation in group therapy sessions is known to be effective means to sustain recovery all through your life. By acknowledging that relapse can happen in the most unexpected times, you must take on your life cautiously. 

You need to exercise self-awareness techniques so that you can be conscious of your triggers and strengthen your coping skills. It is also important that you seek help when you meet instances where you feel vulnerable.

While most people shy from accepting that they need help, others get better because they admit that they are struggling and they seek help.

Overcoming addiction is a lifelong journey. Completing rehab does not guarantee a lifetime recovery. Once the body has been strained by substance abuse, it becomes vulnerable to thoughts of using it again.

And relapse always begins with these thoughts, and will later on manifest through action, which means you need to go to treatment again. 

Most experts always emphasize that relapse is not a result of an ineffective treatment. More likely, it is a recap of the process to remodify the previous steps. Overall, rehab is effective as long as you remain committed to sustaining your recovery.