Tips to Create Perfect Thumbnail for Your YouTube Videos in 2023

By  //  December 8, 2022

The thumbnail is one of the most important components of YouTube for capturing potential viewers’ attention and encouraging them to click on your video. Nobody ever watches a video without first viewing its thumbnail.

If you’re wondering why your video isn’t gaining any attention, it’s because of the thumbnail. You can create attention-grabbing thumbnails using the Vista Create thumbnail maker with exciting features which are easy to use and help you create a thumbnail that attracts. 

In this article, we will discuss some useful tips to help you create a thumbnail that grabs the maximum attention of viewers. Keeping these tips in mind while creating your thumbnail will help simplify the process significantly. 

Make Use Of Large, High-Quality Images

Your video’s credibility will decrease if the thumbnail isn’t high quality. Let’s say you’re doing some online video browsing and come across two videos covering the same content.

The thumbnail for one of the videos is appealing and to the point, while the other is blurry and difficult to read. If you had to select only one video, which would it be?

How To Set Thumbnail Quality?

Depending on the service, the thumbnail for your content may be a different size. Make sure your thumbnail satisfies the specifications of each device to prevent pixelated previews on large displays like computers and televisions.

Also, ensure your video’s thumbnail looks well across all platforms by testing it out. The ideal YouTube video preview has the following features:

■ Various image file types (JPG, GIF, BMP, and PNG)

■ Maximum 1280 x 720 pixels, minimum 640 x 360 pixels

■ Standard 16:9 aspect ratio

■ Maximum 2MB File Size

Show Close-Up Images

You may get more attention to your video thumbnail if you choose a close-up picture rather than a broad one. Do you know the reason why?

When viewed on a mobile device, the thumbnail for your YouTube video will be very tiny, making it difficult to understand the information inside the picture. However, it’s simpler to take in and process close-up images.

Include A Face Picture In Your Thumbnail

The human brain has an inherent tendency to concentrate on people’s faces. When a human narrates a video, it’s far more impactful. Humanizing your YouTube thumbnail by including a face will make the video more approachable and set a strong connection with your audience.

Select An Aesthetically Appropriate Image

Strong emotions excite us and prompt impulsive actions, like watching a video. A thumbnail depicting strong feelings may indicate that the video being viewed contains shocking information.

Capture The Fun In Pictures

You need some eye-catching action images if you want more views on your YouTube thumbnail. The action doesn’t have to be something out of a James Bond film. It may be as simple as someone getting ready to speak. Unless they watch the video, the viewer won’t understand the point of the thumbnail.

Pick Fonts That Can Be Read

It’s hard to explain everything in one image. Skilled visual storytellers may struggle to summarize their videos without writing. Your thumbnail should have six words max. Otherwise, there won’t be enough place for the text. Choose a readable font that fits your video’s style. YouTube thumbnails on mobile devices may be small, making script typefaces difficult to see.

Remember that the typeface you pick will affect the mood of the thumbnails.

■ Sans-Serif typefaces are seen as more professional and up-to-date.

■ Serif typefaces provide an air of dependability and stability via their classic, spare, and official appearance.

■  Words in a script style look and feel more refined.

The “Rule Of Thirds” Should Be Used

Using fictitious horizontal and vertical lines, the “rule of thirds” divides a picture into nine equal halves. Put the focal point of your photo at one of the four intersections of the lines.

Your picture will immediately have more life and appeal. It is now recommended that the subject content of a YouTube thumbnail take up at least two-thirds of the overall area of the image. 

Text Background

When creating YouTube thumbnails, the background color is just as crucial as the text color. Bright backgrounds can fatigue the eye and render text unreadable. The text and the background must be properly separated.

Colors in YouTube thumbnails should be contrasting. If the colors conflict, avoid mixing them. Video thumbnails with mismatched colors look sloppy.