Turkey Hunting Gear: 5 Things to Bring with You

By  //  December 3, 2022

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Many states across the country have experienced an increase in the popularity of turkey hunting. Like any outdoor sport, preparation is vital.

Having the appropriate gear makes any hunting venture safer, more comfortable, and more likely to end successfully. 

#1. Effective Hunting Lures 

Lures are some of the most helpful tools for Minnesota turkey season gear. Turkey calls and decoys increase the curiosity of turkeys and bring them into range. The success relies on using the correct model for the time of year. It can also often mean using more than one decoy at a time. 

Hunters have many game calls to choose from and should use the one they feel most comfortable operating. Diaphragm, pot, and box calls, among others, can attract interest. Learn to use each for the most natural sound to increase its effectiveness.

#2. Reliable Vision Improvement

Many hunters rely on binoculars to find their targets as early as possible. Hunting binoculars need to have fog-proof and scratch-resistant lenses. Choose models that provide a detailed view even in low light.

Stay with durable and lightweight brands with a non-slip and moisture-resistant coating. Tethered lens covers will lessen the chance of a lost cap.

Another visual aid is the rangefinder. Hunters may spot their target but cannot always determine if it is within range of their weapon. Hunters should know how accurate their weapon is at specific distances.

The information benefits everyone, regardless of whether it is a bow or a gun. Even the type of ammunition used could affect the appropriate distance. An excellent quality rangefinder could eliminate the need for binoculars.

#3. Worthwhile Comfort Investments

Cushions and chairs can make long waits more bearable and improve the desire of hunters to stay committed. Lightweight hunting seats keep people off the cold ground. Some come with backrests for added support and comfort.

Some comfort items also increase safety. Face coverings, gloves, and water-resistant clothing and boots can help camouflage hunters and keep them warm and dry.

The accessories also protect against hypothermia on cold, wet days. Staying dry by bringing a change of gloves and socks can help hunters avoid needing to end their hunt early for safety reasons.

 #4. Advanced Hunting Gear

Blinds and gun rests are not hard to find or use, but many hunters may avoid them to lighten their gear load. Using these items could be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful hunt.

Blinds enable unseen movement so people can use rangefinders, have a snack, or shift for comfort without alerting animals to their presence.

Gun rests are beneficial tools for all hunters. Hunters with a gun rest can use a rangefinder or pull out their binoculars without lowering their weapons. Elderly hunters or anyone with a disability may also need the assistance of a gun rest for a more accurate shot.

#5. Beneficial Organization Items

A durable and water-resistant backpack can make it easier to carry all gear securely. Those who prefer to travel light should consider a hunting vest.

The numerous pockets in hunting vests provide space for extra ammunition, binoculars, spare socks, and many other items.

Some hunting vests also have integrated cushions for back comfort when leaning against a tree and are removable for instant seating.

The best gear keeps hunters focused on their purpose. Preparation can make any hunting venture less tiring, more enjoyable, and safer. Invest in the items listed here to increase the chance for success during every turkey season.