Bring My Song To Life Allows Users to Create Songs for Loved Ones

By  //  January 19, 2023

The Tunedly owned company Bring My Song To Life is making it easier for people to express their love and appreciation through the power of music.

The online business has a roster of over 100 session musicians, singers and music producers, who can create custom and personal songs for loved ones.

The process is simple: customers browse the roster, find the right singer, and place their order. The main product, a full song with one instrument, vocals, fully customized lyrics and music as well as professional mixing and mastering, costs less than $200, with additional options such as a personal story page, CD with custom cover art work, a chord sheet and expedited delivery available for an extra cost.

The company’s COO and co-founder, Chris Erhardt, is a former musician and also the CEO and co-founder of the parent company Tunedly, which features an online recording studio for professional songwriters as well as a music publishing and music discovery platform.

He and co-founder Mylene Besancon saw the potential for a direct-to-consumer service that would allow anyone to create a professionally recorded song, regardless of skill level or talent, when they were overwhelmed by requests from non-songwriters to help them create a special gift for their anniversaries, weddings, birthdays or family reunions. 

Bring My Song To Life has a 4.9 out of 5 rating on Google Reviews, a rare feat for a company providing such a personalized service.

Chris Erhardt attributes the high customer satisfaction to their “incredibly talented pool of session musicians” and the fact that Bring My Song To Life is the only company in this industry to offer a 100% money back guarantee. “When people order a song with Bring My Song To Life, they can be assured that their song comes out exactly how they want it.”, says Mr. Erhardt. 

“The average order is around $250 and you’re putting in your credit card based on trust that you’re going to get something that you really love, and it’s going to move you?

You really shouldn’t – this is such a personal gift idea, we want to make sure that the end product is exactly how you envision it, that’s why we back up our product with a money back guarantee, the only company in the music as a gift industry that is able to offer this”, Erhardt continued.

J.S., a recent customer of Bring My Song To Life says: “I contacted “Bring My Song To Life” to create a custom song for my husband as a special Christmas gift. I am so happy I did! From my first interaction with them, they were responsive, professional, and easy to work with.

I was able to ask questions and get an answer in short order. I was even able to have them use my own lyrics, from a poem I had written. They were completely on board with listening to my desires for the piece and then making it happen! It was great being able to choose my own artist and explain the general feel of the way I was imagining the song to sound… and then they brought it to life!

They totally nailed it and exceeded my every expectation!!!! Dusty took the lead and communicated to me each step of the process and they had my song finished on schedule! It turned out better than I could have hoped for.

I looked into another company (before I found Bring My Song To Life) that provides this same type of service  and in doing so I found that they did not have the same collaborative spirit as “Bring My Song To Life”, and after days of emailing them (no contact phone number available either) and never being able to reach a human. I found “Bring My Song To Life”.

They were immediately responsive and were eager to make my song a reality all while checking in with me along the way to ensure I was happy with the end result.

They are the real deal! What a unique, personal, and amazing gift they have at creating a custom piece of music just for you! I would give them 10 stars if I could! SOOOO happy!!!!!!”

When Erhardt and Besancon first came up with the idea for Bring My Song To Life, they weren’t sure if there was a large enough market for customized song experiences.

However, they pressed forward and the company quickly grew over the years. Notably, Bring My Song To Life managed to grow and establish itself as one of the main players in the space without significant outside funding. Erhardt states “Since Bring My Song To Life kind of just happened as we were building our main business, we ran Bring My Song To Life as a profitable entity from the beginning, making sure we wouldn’t need any significant outside investment. We simply funded the growth phase through operating income from Bring My Song To Life and the parent company”.

Erhardt continues “Our goal is to get annual revenues to $10M over the next three years and based on how popular personalized songs as gifts are, I believe this is an attainable goal – the market is gigantic and growing.”