Mike Mostyn – Going Above and Beyond to Find the Perfect Property for Clients

By  //  January 21, 2023

Real state property is different from other personal properties such as jewelry, vehicles, furniture, and boats.

It is considered real property, where the owner has legal rights over land and can lease, sell, possess or use it for any purpose. Investing in real estate is a very well-known and profitable option for investors and helps build wealth.

Through real estate investment, a person can enjoy several benefits such as excellent returns, predictable and stable cash flows, diversification, passive income, long-term security, and tax advantages. 

Professionals who help and assist a person in buying, selling and transferring property are called real estate brokers. A real estate broker oversees the transactions and dealings between sellers and buyers by performing key duties such as negotiating the sale price, outlining the details of the contract and drafting them, and assisting party needs.

Their job is to evaluate the economic capability of the client and their desired property. Based on the client’s preferences the real estate broker provides useful suggestions regarding the property.

They use advertising techniques and networking to promote properties on behalf of the seller in order to attract good buying offers. They also manage and generate lists of properties that are up for sale and also provide legal guidelines to the client. 

Hiring the services of a real estate broker can relieve the client from the worry and stress of property dealings as a major part of their job includes handling the legal documentation and providing legal protection to their clients throughout the transaction. One such real estate broker who has facilitated his clients in the buying and selling process through his expertise and knowledge is Mike Mostyn. 

Mostyn is a Washington real estate technology trainer and an American real estate broker. He was born on 16th December 1948, in Concord, New Hampshire to Miriam and Thomas Mostyn but later moved to Portland Oregon where he completed high school as a journeymen printer from the Benson Polytechnic high school.

After his family hosted Helge Singsaas, Mostyn developed an interest in European culture and got into TASIS University, from where he completed an (Associate of Arts) AA Degree in the field of European Studies. He returned to Portland Oregon and in 1968 attended the John Crawford School of Advertising at the University of Oregon.

During this time, he caught the attention of Paul Brainard because of his printing skills. He finished his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism in 1975 and started his professional career as a copywriter at KZEL-FM in Eugene. He was then appointed as a junior copywriter by Gray Advertising. During his time at Gray Advertising, he met Myrna and Len who helped him in acquiring a job at Computer City, Costa Mesa, California.

Initially, he joined as the Apple Product Manager but later became a Desktop Publishing Manager and an associate member of the Apple Retail Council. He became the General Manager at the Mac Store in 1990. Mostyn along with his wife laid the foundation of his company InData Group in Issaquah, WA.

Mostyn installed and designed a huge institutional low-bandwidth video network at Jackson Hole High School, Leschi Schools, Fort Lewis, and Washington State Correctional Facility. He established his own real estate firm, The South Sounder in 2010 as a member of the National Association of Realtors and a Washington State Broker. He is now known as a Certified Residential Specialist and Washington State real estate technology trainer.

On a yearly basis, Mostyn publishes the South Sounder Newsletter and currently resides with his wife Bobbie in South Puget Sound since 2000.

Experienced and competent real estate brokers like Mike Mostyn provide their clients with the best possible chances of selling and purchasing a property on their own terms.

Knowledgeable real estate brokers bridge the gap between involved parties and help the client have a streamlined, easy, and swift transaction.