10 Rules of Lingerie that Every Woman Should Know

By  //  February 24, 2023

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Every woman wants to feel the most beautiful and desirable, often using clothes for this purpose.

It’s no secret that the women’s closet has a lot of different things and any of them has its purpose. What is lingerie for — is clear to everyone, but in addition to the practical side, one shouldn’t forget about the aesthetics.

Choosing the right outfit gives confidence even if no one sees it under the dress, so it’s important to know how to combine underwear correctly. At Empress Mimi, you will always find quality and attractive models of lingerie for every taste. The following recommendations will help you make the right choice. 

Develop a range that’s affordable for you

The term «affordability» has its own meaning for every shopper. This means that you will have to research the range of products available to you and determine for yourself which lingerie is the best value for the price. In one case it may not be more than $30 for a full set, and in another — you will pay that much just for one bra. That’s why it’s worth determining right away what is affordable for you.

Offers from Empress Mimi combine both options, and thanks to promotional deals, buying a stylish matching set at an affordable price has never been easier. However, to get a truly appropriate model, you need to consider all the important characteristics: a suitable price, size, style, and high quality of selected fabrics. 

Put yourself first

We are all a little selfish inside, but in many cases, there is nothing wrong with putting our own desires first. Choosing lingerie is just like that, because how can you be beautiful for others if you can’t like yourself? You can’t buy a set that doesn’t initially attract you, even if your significant other or someone else may like it.

Wearing lingerie should always be comfortable, which means it’s better to buy a bra and panties in which you will feel the best.  

Always put your desires and demands first, and then the chosen set of lingerie will help you radiate self-confidence and positivity. Of course, this will attract others to you, especially your loved one. If you are still single — don’t get upset. It’s quite normal to buy beautiful Empress Mimi lingerie if you are single. Just accept your natural femininity and very soon it will be noticed by others.

Know your bra size

Bra size is determined by the size of a woman’s body under the breasts and the size of the breasts themselves. There are several basic ways of referring to the size specifications, but they all usually consist of numbers and one or more letters of the cup size. Measuring the cups began in 1932, and the use of cup sizes became popular in the 1940s. Today, women can choose a bra with the following popular cup sizes: A, B, C, D, DD, F, G, H, I. They fit any clothing size, from XS to XXL+.

If you buy lingerie offline, you can try it on in the store — your bra size consultants will pick it up on the spot. However, if you suddenly see an amazing model on the Internet, you need to understand whether it will fit you or not, and without knowing your size it’s impossible. The specialists of Empress Mimi are very familiar with this problem, so all you have to do is leave us a message and we will make it much easier for you to make your final choice. 

Get fitted by an expert 

Many lingerie store chains teach their employees how to choose the right size for their customers. However, quite often you can also get comprehensive information in smaller boutiques, where they can also help you decide on bra size. 

Our consultants always fully evaluate the customer’s size and are ready to provide the most complete consultation for each client, so you have the opportunity to get cute lingerie regardless of your size. There is no such thing as a wrong size, you just need to know how to find it. With the help of an advisor, it’s much easier to do.

Look before you say that they don’t have your size

Let’s assume you have already picked up a bra from an experienced consultant and you know your size, which is not very common (eg, 40I). Of course, not all of the lingerie models you liked may come in it, but don’t give up right away. If, after reviewing several proposals from the catalog, you still can’t find the product with a cup or shoulder strap of the required variant — ask the consultant. They always know better which model might suit you and will point to it in the online catalog. The Empress Mimi store has a lot of great bra solutions in different sizes, including the biggest ones. Each category is sure to have the perfect one just for you.

Stock up on the basics

Not all lingerie sets must be lacy or stand out with bright decorative elements. As with other clothes, you need to have several different options, including both more festive and just comfortable everyday things (when you need to put on a comfy item without wasting time looking for the right option). In general, every woman’s closet should include:

  • a flesh-colored or black bra, made of soft and pleasant to-the-body fabric for use on normal days;
  • a sports model for training (gray, black, or the same flesh-colored);
  • a strapless model for dresses, shirts, or other clothing with thin straps or no at all.

As panties are usually cheaper than bras, we suggest buying several pairs in black and as many light-colored models. A basic shirt or black T-shirt is also a good start for putting together your own underwear collection for any occasion.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

As we said, you should buy the lingerie you like most of all. You should be delighted with your choice – then you will feel confident. This is a good reason to experiment, perhaps combining bras and panties that at first glance don’t match each other, but are perfect for you.

Try ordering bright and bold colors and patterns, and experiment with the type of fabric. No doubt, openwork always looks unbeatable, but try replacing it with satin, silk, or mesh. A woman has many sides and lingerie is the best way to express your mood and feelings at the moment. 

Don’t ignore the desire to buy something you like that is not quite in line with current fashion trends. You create your own ideal world and the image you choose should bring joy and confidence to it.

Know the story behind the material or store

Not all lingerie stores can boast really qualified staff, so if you couldn’t find good reviews of a particular place or you don’t get a good answer to the question you asked — it’s better to shop elsewhere. In addition, there are stores that hire minors to pay lower wages or try to do everything to pay less tax. Of course, you should avoid purchasing from such a place. The joy of buying the right set of lingerie shouldn’t be overshadowed, and the managers of our store are well aware of this.

When something fits well enough, but not perfectly, get the piece tailored

Each woman is unique, so lingerie of the same size will look different on the figure. A set may fit perfectly except for the waist which is the same size as the hips or much smaller than that. Of course, there is a chance that you can still pick up different sizes of bra and panties to create your perfect set, but sometimes you have to look for other solutions to the problem.

To make the things you buy look good on your body, occasionally you have to turn to dressmakers who can provide advice and, if necessary, sew a well-fitting model from scratch. In addition, they will be able to adjust the already finished product to make it more suitable for you.

Be comfortable, but don’t completely nix a selected piece because there’s a wee bit of discomfort.

The range of women’s underwear allows you to buy products from different kinds of fabrics and with different variants of decoration, which isn’t always comfortable to wear every day.

However, you shouldn’t forget that the bra and panties are a certain foundation of your image, providing comfort wearing along with other pieces of clothing: a blouse, pants, skirt, etc. If you think that the desired set can be just a little bit uncomfortable and you are willing to put up with it — buy it. If there is an opportunity to slightly adjust the chosen lingerie, you should also take advantage of this.

Don’t forget why women wear lingerie and don’t force yourself to buy the wrong thing just because someone else may like it. 

Every woman should be happy with her wardrobe, and if you need an expert opinion on the choice of lingerie — just contact us. Choose only the best for yourself, because you really are worth it!