17 Tips To Get More Instagram Likes for Your Photography on Instagram with AutolikesIG

By  //  February 14, 2023

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Instagram is a visual social media app that’s highly effective when it comes to finding potential clients, getting published, receiving and giving feedback to improve your practice, connecting with other photographers, and building interest in your work.

One of the best ways to get more Instagram likes is to use an automatic Instagram likes service like AutolikesIG. They deliver real Instagram likes automatically, meaning you can make the most of the Instagram algorithm and get more people to view your Instagram photos.

Great Tips to Get More Instagram Likes and Grow your Social Media Presence

Here are 17 tips from autolikesig.com guaranteed to help you promote your photography on Instagram like a pro:

I. Define Your Target Niche

You should think of Instagram as an online platform for developing and defining the aesthetics of your brand. Showcase photos that revolve around a particular theme in your work using your feed. This could be a specific type of subject (e.g., travel, sports, people, fashion, food, or architecture) or a certain style of photographer (e.g., minimalist photography, film, or black-and-white).

The expectation among your followers is that you will maintain a feed featuring a cohesive subject matter or style, which will ultimately keep them coming back for more. Users will typically land on your profile and make a decision to follow based on the last 9 images. That’s why it is so important to ensure that the top of your feed always represents you as a photographer to attract and build an audience and get more Instagram likes for your Instagram posts.

II. Post Your Best Work

Always treat your Instagram feed like a highlight reel of your portfolio and only post your best images. 

Ensure that each post delivers its ‘Wow!’ factor while still looking good collectively as you develop your Instagram photography practice online and professionally. If you create a consistent aesthetic via a common style, saturation, color palette or common theme you can turn visitors into engaged followers.

If you have multiple Instagram photos from a single shoot and are unable to decide which specific image to show, you can use the multiple picture option, which means that only a single image appears in your feed, but followers have the option of viewing the rest of the images.

III. Use Trendy Content to Get More Instagram Likes

Instagram is a highly visual platform, which is one of the most used and popular photo-sharing platforms. The platform’s users use it for watching content that’s both engaging and exciting. So, if you want your posts to have more Instagram likes, it is important to create posts that are visually appealing and capture the attention of your audience.

While you might have many amazing ideas the audience Instagram likes, you may eventually run out of such ideas. If you run out of such content ideas, you should consider creating content based on trendy content. You can then make it truly unique by adding your take on such trendy content. Such content already has the interest of your audience and is far more likely to get Instagram likes.

IV. Personalize It

Your Instagram feed can also be a journal of your photography or an opportunity to show what happens behind the scenes. Give your followers a teaser or insight into your shoots or capture interesting day-to-day scenes or life moments.

Try sticking to the 80/20 rule: 80% of Instagram photos should focus on your photography and practice while the remaining 20% could be either behind the scenes or personal. If you would like to show a more personal side, you can either use the Instagram Stories function or set up a different Instagram account. When you create Instagram Stories, you can garner more interaction with your followers.

V. Stop Using Your Smartphone

To capture high-quality professional shots, you should use a mirrorless or DSLR camera. Such cameras produce images of significantly better quality than smartphones and give you greater control over exactly how the image looks.

You have the option of manipulating the shutter speed, depth of field, focus, and changing your lenses depending on the needs of your situation. DSLRs are also much better when it comes to zooming in on a subject or shooting in low light conditions.

Instead of using Instagram filters, uses an editing program to adjust shadows, light, clarity, and lines. Shooting in RAW gives you more flexibility and control when editing since RAW photos generally contain a much higher level of detail than JPEGs. You can fine-tune exposure, shadows, and highlights, modify the white balance, make changes to portions of your photos, and even apply noise reduction. This will help you get Instagram likes for your Instagram posts.

VI. Strategic Posting to Get More Instagram Likes

Focus on quality rather than quality and publish images on a regular basis, but not too often. Content that’s both relevant and of great quality is more likely to garner a positive response, which can help your posts to rank higher on your followers’ feeds.

Develop a posting routine or pattern since this will not only help build a sense of community on the platform but will also help develop your photography. Instagram will allow you to practice your skills so that you can become a better photographer overall.

The most popular time for people to scroll Instagram is the morning. Depending on the time zone you wish to target or even where you live, consider posting in the morning for maximum engagement. Studies also show that Sunday typically has the highest number of interactions.

VII. Craft Captions Properly

People are more likely to spend time on an image if there’s an interesting and engaging caption to read. So, share a story or tell viewers about the image or what it means to you. Provide something that they can engage with mentally to provide an interaction that’s genuine.

Captions allow you to create a more personal connection and evoke an emotional response from your viewers. If you have an engaging caption, people will be more likely to either read it or click the “more” button, which means that they spend more time on your post.

Asking an open-ended question to encourage viewers to contribute to the comments section is another great technique.

VIII. Use Hashtags to Get More Instagram Likes

Hashtags can be very effective when it comes to attracting relevant followers and increasing engagement. Use appropriate, popular, and specific hashtags to boost exposure. This practice is now more important since users can follow specific Instagram hashtags.

You can hashtag the subject, location, business, brand, client, or even the equipment you are using. Community and hub destination hashtags help connect like-minded users around a specific subject. You also have the option of creating a hashtag that’s unique to you and your photography.

You don’t have to use a specific number of hashtags, but keep in mind that you are currently only allowed to include up to 30. Quality should always take priority over quantity and ensure that they are relevant and specific to the photo and the audience you plan to reach. In turn you’ll see an increase in Instagram likes for your Instagram posts.

IX. Build Your Community

Building a relevant community isn’t just about numbers but rather interaction. Seek out photographers that you admire and then follow them, like, and comment on their work. If you do that, they will most likely reciprocate.

You should also consider building a community related to your photography subject. Follow architecture-related accounts if you’re an architectural photographer. Follow fashion brands if you’re a fashion photographer. It can be an excellent way to network by getting your portfolio and name in front of potential clients.

X. Respond to Comments

The Instagram algorithm can identify posts with high interaction (i.e., those that receive many comments and Instagram likes) as quality, engaging content others would like to see. Furthermore, if your image gets a lot of interactions shortly after you post it, it will be shown to even more of your followers.

Take time to engage with those that have commented. Appreciate their response, answer their questions, reply to their comments, and thank them for taking time to comment. It is not only good etiquette but also an opportunity for feedback. Do the same in return by giving thoughtful comments and compliments on their posts.

XI. Tag Clients, Businesses, or People and Grow your Social Media Presence

Engage others by tagging other Instagram users and locations. It may be the client or person who’s the subject of the photograph or even a local business where the photo was taken. It is another way to gain exposure and build your community, because your posts will show up in their tagged library.

XII. Look for Instagram Hub

Instagram hubs are the accounts that curate and share other users’ images, kind of like an online gallery. Such accounts feature images specifically related to a certain topic, which can be anything from a genre of photography to a subject matter or color scheme.

Find them, use their dedicated hashtag, interact with them, follow them, and hope that they feature you. It can be a great way to boost your account’s exposure and attract relevant followers.

XIII. Maximize Your Instagram Profile

Build a hardworking Instagram profile that represents and promotes your brand on its own. Use an instantly recognizable account name that’s also easy to remember and memorize. If possible, use this same name across all your social media platforms. Select a profile photo that defines your brand of photography.

Include in your bio what your specialty is along with where you’re based. Make it easy for users to find you and get in touch with you off the platform by providing your contact details along with a link to your website.

XIV. Be Frequent and Consistent to Get More Instagram Likes

Besides being good at creating high-quality content, you should also ensure that you post such content regularly. Once you decide on your niche, you need to post content regularly. Knowing that Instagram is a visually driven platform, your feed should be attractive and consistent.

Instagram likes on posts will be determined by on how engaging the content is. To keep your audience engaged, it is important to continually post content at quick intervals of time. If the posts are frequent, users are likely to be interested in your content.

So, if your posts are regular and consistent, their chances of getting Instagram likes are higher than inconsistent and late feed and posting schedule. However, if you find it a bit overwhelming, you should consider buying Instagram likes to boost engagement on the platform.

XV. Run an Offer or Giveaway on Social Media Accounts

People are often drawn to giveaways and offers. You can use this to your benefit by offering discounts and offers to attract more users. You can ask users to like posts and ask others to do the same to receive rewards in return.

If you use this strategy, you can get Instagram likes on posts and potential followers as well as clients. The giveaways and offers are an excellent marketing strategy to help you gain likes, popularity and customers for your content and products.

XVI. Use Third-Party Services

It can be difficult to create content and come up with a strategy. Ideally, content should be responsible for bringing likes and engagement to posts. However, if you’re new to the platform or don’t have a strong following, it can be particularly challenging to get Instagram likes.

Fortunately, many websites today offer services that allow users to buy Instagram followers based on their needs. For instance, you can buy Instagram likes to boost engagement without having to spend hours developing and implementing strategies. Buying Instagram likes is a simple but effective way to get more Instagram likes and get your verification on Instagram.

XVII. Run Ads on Instagram to Grow your Social Media Presence

A great way to get engagement on Instagram is to run ads. Instagram offers an amazing feature that allows you to schedule the time when your ads will be shown to your selected audience.

The ad-schedule feature is a great way to reach people at the right time. If you know your audience well and have some insight into their activity and interaction with your content, you can easily determine the right time to run the ad.

Following these tips will help you get more Instagram likes and grow your account with real instagram users in just a few clicks.