An Inspirational Entrepreneur Educating the Youth on How to Launch Tomorrow’s Successful Startups

By  //  February 11, 2023

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In the age of digital advancement, the youth appear to be more exposed to opportunities and challenges at a younger age than previous generations.

One recent business trend is the rise of ‘millennipreneurs,’ a term coined to describe the new generation of entrepreneurs under the age of 35.

Starting a business is an especially difficult task and even though two-thirds of Americans desire to start a business, only a small percentage succeed in doing so. This reality creates a natural fear of failure, which can cloud anyone’s thinking in the early days of a startup, causing many entrepreneurs to focus too narrowly on immediate success. This can be due to the fact that starting a business necessitates a level of grit that is inherently shortsighted.

Many major corporations, as well as all successful small and medium-sized businesses, began as startups. One distinguishing feature between those thriving and those who saw a brief run, is the ability to make early decisions that position them for long-term success. Moreover, successful businesses always contain a well-structured plan to become successful, which allows them to navigate early-stage development with an eye toward long-term growth.

Undoubtedly, some elements are more important than others in building a company that can be successful today, tomorrow, and far into the future. This is the reason why young people are empowered to be self-sufficient and given the tools, they need to succeed in today’s competitive global market through entrepreneurship. One such individual is Amit Kochavi, who is continuously striving to make the youth competent enough for the next generation of successful startups.

Born on December 10, 1997, in Tel Aviv, Israel, Amit Kochavi is an Israeli entrepreneur and founder of formerly known as Circles. In June 2015, he graduated from Gymnasia Herzliya High School with majors in Physics, Computer Science, and Computational Science. Kochavi joined the Israeli Air Force in January 2016 and served in a special unit. Following his army service, he enrolled in The Open University of Israel and graduated in 2021 with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.

He began working in the startup world when he turned 13 years old and his first venture was Shmoogle-It. He wanted to help his grandmother perform basic computer tasks, so he created a search engine that teaches elderly people how to use computers. The platform reached 3 million users within four months of its inception. During this time, Kochavi was also accepted into the LEAD leadership program, where he founded Tech-Lounge, an incubator network for high school students.

The program’s goal was to teach students about the entrepreneurial world through mentors and to provide the experience of launching a startup. Tech Lounge, which now has over 40 mentors on board, expanded last year to Ironi Tet High School in Tel Aviv, the Hebrew Reali School in Haifa, and a high school in Los Angeles, where Kochavi recently finished a five-month internship at FastPay as a software engineer before joining the IDF.

The same year, about 120 students signed up for his program, and he predicted that out of 120, 80 will complete it, which will be a respectable percentage given the high demands of high school. “Students who participate in these accelerators get the tools, knowledge, and experience that are needed to get started on their way in the Israeli innovation world,” Kochavi tells ISRAEL21c. After he was drafted into the Israeli Air Force, the Alumni Association of 8200* took over the project and renamed it Tech Lift.

Kochavi is also the creator of the website, a one-stop communication platform for businesses with deskless employees. The company assists traditional businesses in becoming more efficient, collaborating with employees on their ideas, defining challenges they face, and working together to solve them. By providing businesses with a digital space to easily share knowledge and feedback, the platform enables a bottom-up approach to internal communications. is a digital platform that empowers innovation in large organizations and businesses. According to the company’s CEO, Amit Kochavi, when companies want to put an idea into action, they need a pipeline for both managers and employees, which can often feel limiting to do through emails. And this is where comes in; it’s a quick and easy way to communicate.

The world cannot afford to let the ideas of its young generation go untapped or unbacked, this is why Kochavi considers the youth as the world’s future and believes that creating more opportunities for them through the means of youth entrepreneurship can boost their confidence and bring visible difference in the mechanics of the business world.