Congressman Bill Posey Calls President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address ‘Out of Touch’ from Reality

By  //  February 8, 2023

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"It’s time for the President to abandon the radical policies" – Rep. Posey

ABOVE VIDEO: President Biden addressed a Joint Session of Congress at the United States Capitol on Tuesday, February 7, 2023 at 9 p.m. ET.

BREVARD COUNTY • ROCKLEDGE, FLORIDA – Congressman Bill Posey (R-Rockledge) released a statement in response to last night’s State of the Union Address by President Joe Biden.

“Tonight, Americans deserved to hear the President’s plan to strengthen the union: securing the border, standing up to our adversaries and countering China, tackling our crippling debt, reducing prices and rebuilding our energy independence. Instead, and to no one’s surprise, they heard just more of the same far-left talking points and ‘swamp speak’ designed to pander to the DC elite,” said Congressman Bill Posey.

“There seems to be a disconnect from reality—people can’t afford the out-of-touch Biden agenda and his Administration refuses to tackle the issues most Americans care about.”

“Just months ago, polls showed nearly 3 of 4 Americans believed we were heading in the wrong direction. A recent ABC-Washington Post Poll found 1 in 2 people say things have gotten worse for them under President Biden and 62 percent would be disappointed if he were re-elected. Americans can see what’s going on around them. It’s time for the President to abandon the radical policies that are harming Americans and work with the new Republican House Majority to put America first.”