Employer Growth Is Important To Growing A Remote Company

By  //  February 8, 2023

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Ever wonder what your employees are doing when they are working from home?

It’s normal to question whether they are making full use of their time or if they are abusing their privileges. Employers are often concerned with making the most bang out of their buck, though recent studies have shown that it isn’t about the hours that they put in, but the amount of effort they invested in those hours. 

Learning to appreciate quality over quantity

Some people are able to get the job done in a fraction of the time that it might take others and if they feel like they are being punished for their efficiency, there is simply no motivation for them to be as efficient as they can, but rather, take their sweet time. 

It’s an age old adage that it’s better to have quality over quantity. For instance, an employee that’s clocking their hours on a remote employee management system might be doing exactly what she’s being paid to do, but nothing more. In fact, it’s such a prevalent behavior in the current working environment that they have a term for it: quiet quitting. 

Instead of actually quitting and losing the financial stability of a job, quiet quitters just do the bare minimum in order to keep from being fired. They are the perfect model employee, but they won’t help your company grow. What companies want are employees who go above and beyond, who challenge the boundaries of their companies, and employees like that are people who feel validated, heard, and most importantly, they need to feel valued. 

Valuing employees to increase performance

In the digital world, everything and everyone is replaceable. If the talent in your company isn’t quite reaching your expectations, you could have another ten or twenty candidates lined up with a simple posting on a job marketplace. If a software or platform that your company is currently using isn’t up to par, you can also replace that with a simple Google search. However, in order for a company to grow they need good retention. 

Swapping out a system or an employee can effectively reset your flow of the company and you’ll need to spend more time on getting everyone back in the groove of things.

Keeping your employees happy is one way of ensuring that they won’t jump ship at the first opportunity and there are a variety of ways that employers can retain their workforce. 

Being empathetic to their employees is one of the key factors of whether an employer is a good boss. If you find yourself scolding or cursing at your employees, you might want to change your tactic, because there’s a good chance that 90% of those employees are just waiting for the chance to shut you up for good.

Don’t give your employees the chance to hold grudges and instead, invest your time into them and grow their talents. The workplace should be a nurturing place at the entry-level and give employees the opportunity to increase their responsibilities at their own time. 

In order to grow a remote company, it’s important to value employees over hours worked or efficiency. Employees who feel valued and heard are more likely to go above and beyond and contribute to company growth.

Retaining employees is key to avoiding disruptions in the workflow, so employers should prioritize employee satisfaction.

Being an empathetic boss and investing time in employee growth can help prevent employees from quitting or simply doing the minimum to keep their job. It’s important to create a nurturing workplace where employees feel encouraged to increase their responsibilities and improve their skills.

Quality over quantity is the key to success in the remote work environment.