Frequent Causes Behind Pedestrian Accidents

By  //  February 7, 2023

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Pedestrian accidents have become irrevocably common nowadays, where most vehicle drivers claim after hitting a pedestrian that they didn’t see them.

Injuries that such accidents have caused are often devastating that involve costly treatment procedures. However, it has been known by all that a driver is bound by a legal obligation to owe a duty of care to others on the road, which also involves pedestrians.

Therefore, if one has breached the duty of care and, as a result, injured a pedestrian, they must be held responsible for the cause of the accident, and the injured can claim compensation from the insurance provider of the third party. But the procedure for compensation claims is not that simple.

Moreover, it is not possible for one who has been severely injured to involve in the hassle. The best solution would be to consult an experienced personal injury attorney from King Law firm, who would take care of the legal proceedings and ensure that the victim receives the maximum compensation.

But one would definitely try to avoid such hazards. To ensure safety, it is essential to know about the common causes of pedestrian accidents. Some of them are mentioned below:

Multi-Lane Roads:

Multi-lane roads can pose a threat of danger even with a crosswalk. This is especially because one lane entertains traffic movement as soon as the other stops, making it difficult for pedestrians to safeguard themselves.

Especially for older or disabled pedestrians, it becomes difficult to cross the intersections before turning the signal lights.

Distracted Driving:

Not only pedestrian accidents but distracted driving is the cause behind any accident. This happens when the driver’s focus shifts from the oncoming road and the whereabouts of the surroundings to some other things, like chatting with friends or family or talking over the phone.

Adjusting the radio, managing disturbing pets or children, or munching snacks can also be considered distracted driving. The driver will be held responsible for a pedestrian accident in such cases.

Weather Conditions:

During inclement weather conditions, drivers must drive slowly to make it safe for pedestrians. If the road condition is slippery and wet, it will n be possible for the driver to halt quickly. Driving slowly will offer one the time to react and take necessary actions.

Final Thoughts:

Most often, people assume injuries from pedestrian accidents to be less severe and disregard contacting an attorney, only to find later that the condition has worsened and treatment costs have exceeded the budget.

Therefore it is essential to attend a free consultation with a lawyer to ensure safety.