How to Take Selling on Social Media to a New Level

By  //  February 22, 2023

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Being one of the most effective ways for companies to engage with their audiences, social media gets even bigger importance for brands as their arsenal of business-dedicated tools expands.

Today, users of Instagram and Facebook can browse and shop for products directly on the platforms, which provides a completely seamless shopping experience, from brand discovery to checking out. Let’s learn more about the benefits of selling through social media and the best tactics to do it as effectively as possible.

The benefits of social selling

So what exactly do marketing and selling on social media bring to business? We’ve outlined three main aspects.

Lead generation. Being the key place where the exchange of digital information takes place, social media makes a company’s products or services more discoverable. More people knowing about a company means more new clients, the number of whom can be boosted additionally by using affordable and targeted advertising options.

Authentic client relationships. Even in light of the growing number of content creators and business representatives using social media, social media platforms still remain one of the key tools for people to connect with friends and relatives. Such perception makes social media interactions less formal than email, for example. By creating valuable content and being open for dialogue, a company can build more intimate and stronger relations with its audience. 

Shorter sales cycle. Selling on social media helps to trim down the time of a lead converting into a customer from both ends. On one hand, it helps sales reps to discover and reach prospects faster, and on the other, it allows a client to complete the purchase right on the social media platform, without being redirected to a website.

Now, let’s see how a company can improve the results of social selling.

Social media selling best practices

Employ social listening

The key to successful social selling lies in being relevant in the right place and at the right time. To achieve this, companies should employ social monitoring tools that allow tracking mentions of a brand, its products, related hashtags, and personas. Social listening features are available in social CRM systems, a subtype of customer relationships management tools with extensive social media integration, and messaging platforms such as Umnico.

Support brand advocates

For brand promotion, creating content yourself is only one of the ways to go. Social media is the main place where people both share things and learn about new ones. A lot of users devote a significant amount of time to writing and posting their experiences with products and services. In general, such reviews gain more trust from people. By means of social listening, companies should discover positive feedback on social media and motivate its creators to make more in the future by reposting their stories, inviting them to exclusive previews, providing discounts, and so on.

Demonstrate expertise

To set itself apart from the competition and reinforce a leading position, a company should demonstrate its knowledge in a particular field. This can be done effectively by creating engaging and informative content on social media, be it posts, stories, or live streams. By establishing a clear link between such content and products, it is a viable way to increase sales.

Have valuable conversations

The paradigm of how brands should act on social media is shifting. The idea of brands broadcasting their content and clients passively reciting it gets substituted by a two-way conversation. In fact, people enjoy it when a company replies to their comments, reaches out to them via direct messages with a special promotion or provides prompt support. However, interacting with clients on numerous platforms can get rather difficult, especially with a large client base.

Here, all-in-one messengers, such as Umnico, that merge customer conversations across multiple channels, including free live chat, messengers, and email, can give a significant boost in productivity and speed of responses. Not to say that such tools eliminate the need for employees to contact clients from their personal devices, inaccessible to the management. 

Track results

A long term business success is hardly imaginable without constantly analyzing what exactly contributes to it. Hence, the importance of accurate and regular analysis of social selling efforts. Luckily, most social media platforms come with robust built-in analytical tools that provide up-to-date figures on all essential metrics. These include engagement rates for content, views, likes, and shares, as well as conversion: how many visitors to your social media page eventually make a purchase. 

Summing things up

Social media selling has vast potential that is likely to increase even more with new platforms and technologies appearing. A holistic approach, which includes producing high-quality and valuable content, engaging with the audience, and tracking the results of every activity, is bound to improve your social selling and bring more customers and sales.