Kristi Ronning – The Next Level Elopement Photographer

By  //  February 2, 2023

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People have been capturing photographs of landscapes and wildlife with film cameras since many years.

It’s time to take a look at the history of photography and how it has transformed over time. With rapid technological advancement, many cameras have started to support wireless connections.

The same advancements have paved the way for new possibilities, with cameras opening up a world of new possibilities.

The use of professional cameras was quite restricted in the past, but with technological advancements, there are a number of professions offering careers in professional photography and enabling individuals to own professional cameras based on their interests and career demands. 

With each new technology comes a new photography style. Many professional photographers work round the clock to comprehend the new technology and learn new techniques.

This allows them to introduce amazing photography tricks to people who love to capture the special moments of their lives. For instance, couples now prefer to take pictures in landscape orientation, allowing them to include more of the background and surroundings in the shot. This can help create a more memorable and romantic photo.

The field of photography is constantly expanding and diversifying over time. Some examples of the many types of photography that have branched off are portrait photography, advertising photography, editorial photography, elopement photography, and more.

This further diversification has only proved that virtual representation within the arts is a dynamic and ever-evolving expansion. To truly capture the art of photography, one must have the potential and creativity of an artist.

While we talk about elopement photography, the name Kristi Ronning must always be remembered. Ronning is an American elopement photographer known for her beautiful mountain-top portraits. She doesn’t just take amazing photos of people – she captures stunning landscapes with an incredible sense of aesthetics. 

Ronning was born and raised in Pine Island, Minnesota. From a young age, she loved to take pictures of whatever caught her eye. Her mother couldn’t resist gifting her a camera.

That was the moment in her life when she learned what she had to become. Her passion led her to become a professional elopement photographer at the age of nineteen. Ronning’s love for photography started with nature photography.

Later, she started her small business venture, Opal & Ox, in 2012. Ronning and her husband, Ralphie, have been covering weddings worldwide since the launch of Opal & Ox. She is an amazing person with a zest for life. She’s the mother of three daughters and currently resides in Montana. 

Ronning has spent more than a decade in photography and knows every bit of it. She knows how to capture the moments, be it a family photo session, portraits, or even a wedding. Her huge following on social media explains the admirers of her creativity and love for photography.

Her work has also been featured in many renowned publications, including Rocky Mountain Bride. The magazine used one of her photos on their covers, claiming the first “true mountain top cover photo” taken at 10,298 ft. 

Ronning is an absolute adventurous individual who loves to live life to the fullest. She’s an adrenaline junkie who loves pushing the limits and is always up for a new challenge. Whether it’s photography for senior family portraits or elopement portraits, Ronning always gives her best.

Kristi Ronning might not be a household name, but if you were on social media, you would have seen her work.

Her work is characterized by its unique style and artistic flair. She has a knack for capturing the beauty in everyday objects and moments, and her captured images have a warm, ethereal quality that is truly unique.