Melbourne Man Arrested for Grand Theft Shoplifting, Details Narrated by Sheriff Wayne Ivey

By  //  February 9, 2023

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narrated by Sheriff Wayne Ivey

Jesse Collier was arrested for grand theft shoplifting and resisting an officer without violence. (BCSO Image)

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Once upon a time, not long ago (in fact this past Saturday) there was a little thief, named Jesse Collier, who decided to target a Walmart Store in Brevard County.

All of the other thieves warned him not to break the law in Brevard County as the Big Bad Sheriff’s Deputies don’t play and you will get arrested.

Even though he had been warned, he decided to go to the Walmart on North Wickham Road in Viera, and load up a shopping cart with all sorts of loot such as stereos, tools, bedding, bike lights, bicycle locks, routers, and even a circular saw.

As Collier was pilfering the merchandise and planning his getaway, what he didn’t realize was that Walmart Loss Prevention was working with the Deputies to foil his caper, as they had set up a perimeter in the parking lot.

As the thief walked past all of the final points of sale and hurried out of the store, he sensed that he had gotten away with his crime, when suddenly, the Deputies appeared out of nowhere (which is really strange because one of them is as big as a house) and ordered him to freeze!!

As he turned on his blue lights and slid his patrol car to a halt, Deputy Kurt Benfant exited his vehicle and yelled “here I am to save the day!!” Actually, he yelled freeze or something like that, at which time Collier realized the gig was up and fled on foot, leaving his stash behind to avoid being arrested.

As Collier ran thinking that he could out run the long arm of the law, Deputy Benfant repeatedly ordered Collier to stop and ultimately tased him in the parking lot as he continued to resist arrest.

As is the case with all criminals in Brevard County, Collier was cuffed and stuffed in the back of one of our patrol cars and was taken to “Ivey’s Iron Bar Lodge” where he was held on a total bond of $2,500.00 for Grand Theft Shop Lifting and Resisting Arrest Without Violence!! Collier was also given a free T-Shirt that says…”I Messed Around and Found Out What Happens When You Steal Crap In Brevard County!!”

All of the merchandise that had been stolen from the store was returned to its rightful owner and everyone lived happily ever after, except Collier of course, who had to face his charges and eat the food at the “Iron Bar Lodge!!”

The moral of tonight’s story is don’t break the law and for goodness sakes, if you just feel like you have to, don’t do it in Brevard County!