Minimum Deposit Casinos, How To Find the Best Deals Online

By  //  February 22, 2023

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Finding the best deals online can feel tricky, but there are some simple steps you can follow to ensure you never spend more than you bargained for.

It’s important to undertake the appropriate amount of research, no matter what you’re thinking about buying, but research doesn’t always have to be tedious mind-numbing work. There are ways to undertake your research in a speedy fashion – by finding the right tools and websites to help.

Maybe you’re thinking about booking a holiday, or maybe you’re thinking of buying a new dress online. There are websites, apps, and plugins to help no matter what you’re searching for. Maybe you’re looking for a new, minimum deposit casino, and if so then we have some great news for you – websites like Hideous Slots can help, with a dedicated team of industry experts reviewing and recommending the best online casinos.

So, from holidays to clothing to casinos, and everything in between – here are 3 tips on how to find the best deals online.

  1.     Use Promo Codes and Coupons

Have you ever seen television shows about extreme couponing? There were some people who would collect so many coupons that worked in sync with one another that they would get hundreds of dollars worth of grocery shopping for less than $20. Sometimes the grocery store would even owe them money back – now that’s a bargain. It might not be possible to get this kind of deal online, but there are plenty of coupons and voucher codes that will help you get the best bang for your buck. 

The easiest thing to do is to use Google. Let’s say you’re buying something from a site called ‘white box’. You can search ‘white box promo code’ and you’ll probably get a lot of results. It might take 5-10 minutes to sort through and find the best offer for you, but once you do you could find that you get 10-20% off the price – certainly worth 5 or 10 minutes of your time.

 Another great place to search for promotional codes is on social media. If you use the search tool on any social media site to search for the shop you plan to buy from, you’ll get some results. You could find that the site itself has a social media page offering unique discounts for subscribers or followers, or you could find that you stumble across an ‘influencer’ (that is, someone who advertises the product) who has a promo code for their own followers – usually their name followed by numbers that indicate the percentage off. Again, by using this code you could save up to 20%, receive free shipping, or receive a free gift. Or, if you’re feeling lucky you could try a combination of some common names followed by 10 or 20 – believe it or not, I know people for whom this has worked.

  1.     Use Comparison and Review Websites

Comparison and review websites exist for a reason – to help you find the best deal and option for you. Let’s take casinos as an example.

Maybe you’re looking to find the best minimum deposit casinos on the market. By finding a comparison and review site like Hideous Slots, you can see every minimum deposit casino that is available to you, whilst using the comparison and review site to compare the welcome bonus offers, selection of pokies and casino games, withdrawal speeds – you name it, they’ve covered it.

By using a comparison and review site you can rest assured in the knowledge that experts have provided you with the information you need. This is part of the research we discussed at the start – it doesn’t have to take a long time, because you trust that the comparison and review website has taken the time to provide the information. You just have to read it and make an informed decision. Again, by taking 5 or 10 minutes of your time, you could vastly change the outcome of your experience, getting a much better deal overall.

  1.     Look For Free Shipping or Sign-Up Offers

When visiting a website to purchase an item, you’ll want to log in – if you have an account – to check if there are any offers available to you. If there are not, log back out and check if there are any offers available to new sign-ups – preferably in Incognito or Private Mode.

Maybe you have a secondary email address that you don’t use much, maybe your mum would be happy to sign up, or your partner.

Regardless, you’ll often find that websites, especially retail websites, will offer an initial discount of 10-20% for signing up for the mailing list, downloading the app, or joining the membership program. You may also find that you receive free shipping, which is always great.

Speaking of free shipping, you want to pay close attention to the thresholds at which free shipping is applied. Let’s say you have $48 worth of items in your basket, and free shipping begins at $50.

If shipping is $8, you’re going to spend $56 in total. This means you could spend an additional $8 on something small for yourself, like an accessory, bypass the free shipping threshold, and overall spend the same amount of money – but instead of wasting $8 of your money on shipping, you’ve gotten something extra for yourself, or maybe even a small gift for someone in your life.


Similarly, even if you can’t find anything for under $15 for example, it’s better to spend $7 more but get an additional product worth $15 than to spend $7 less but waste $8 on shipping.

You want to be smart with how you place your orders. Consider also if you’re in no rush and there are no offers to leave the items in your basket without checking out. Often, websites will email with a promo code if items remain in your basket for too long, in an attempt to entice you to complete your purchase.


And that’s it – 3 tips to getting the best possible deal online. Each of these tips will only take 5-10 minutes of your time, but if you’re someone who shops online a lot, they could help you save hundreds of dollars every year.