The Advantages of Online Over Real Life

By  //  February 13, 2023

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The internet has more than 5 billion users and has profoundly changed our world.

For example, it has greatly influenced the casino industry, where you can join different types of casinos: 10 dollars minimum deposit USA online casino in 2023 all slots casinos, live games casinos, and many others. Besides that, other walks of life, such as education and dating, also have evolved. Modern education has been the backbone of our society as it has fuelled progress and helped humanity gain unimaginable knowledge. 

The internet has put that process on steroids and made education even more accessible to billions worldwide. In addition, the dating space has also seen a significant shift because of the internet. Gone are the days when people had to meet in real life and decide whether to continue their affairs. 

Now, they need a few clicks, an array of text messages, or a few minutes of video calls to decide whether they’re compatible with someone. So, let you walk through how online has surpassed real life in ways humanity could never have imagined.

The Overall Transformation of Life 

If you ask someone whether they can imagine their lives without the internet, the answer will be a big no because we cannot do without it. Such has been the impact of this technological innovation on human life. Only those who have no means to access it can stay away from it. 

Real life can be messy because we are prone to many miscalculations and inaccuracies. Sometimes we need more confidence while we are short of time on other occasions. The internet eliminates that problem by providing a platform everyone can use regardless of race, gender, beliefs, country, etc. 

No wonder many people have jumped onto the bandwagon, which has transformed life on planet earth in multiple ways.

  • Research 

There was a time when you either had to ask an elder for information or rush to the nearby library in case they didn’t know something. You had to keep a thick dictionary for searching meanings of words from different languages to understand the book you were reading. History geeks had to sift through pages and pages of books to recall a particular period.

Not anymore, as all you need to do is to get your phone out of your pocket and open Google. No matter what you’re looking for, Google has the answer.

  • Shopping 

If you go back to the 80s or 90s, you would need to visit a brick-and-mortar store to buy things from cutlery to groceries. 

With the arrival of online stores such as Amazon & eBay, that’s no longer the case. With just a few clicks, you can see the whole inventory of a store, read its essential information, compare prices among different sellers, and make a decision.

  • Travels 

Those times have passed when you had to scramble for information about a place from different sources so that you know your destination perfectly. Now you can travel seamlessly without much hassle.

  • Just type the name of it on Google, and you’ll get everything from its pictures and directions to its 3d models, all without even stepping outside your home.
  • Book an Uber for affordable rides and an Airbnb for reasonable accommodation with a few clicks.
  • Entertainment 

Only those who have spent some of their lives without the internet know how heartbreaking it is not to find your favorite movie at the nearby CD shop. But, thanks to the internet, you can now: 

  • Watch your favorite movies and series on platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.
  • If you want to play games, there is no shortage of PS5s and Xboxes. 
  • Healthcare 

Health is wealth, as they often proclaim, and the internet has helped us immensely to preserve this wealth. Here’s how healthcare has evolved online:

  • You can search for everything from mild fever to cancer with just a few clicks. Although you shouldn’t trust everything you read online, there are some incredible authentic sources for medical information on the internet.
  • Patients can book their appointments with their doctors online now. Moreover, online diagnosis is also happening in many places with encouraging levels of success.

Online Slots vs Real Slots – A Transformation Worth Noticing 

The casino industry has not been immune to the online transformation either, with slot games benefitting massively from it. It is estimated that the online casino industry will hit $153 billion by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.7%. Thanks to exponential growth in smartphones and applications, everyone has a potential casino in their palms.

The online gambling industry can reach more players than ever, and there is almost no limitation to the number of games being played. More prominent companies attract foreign players and accept deposits in many forms. Here are some of the reasons why online gambling surpasses offline gambling by a good margin:

  • Low Betting Limits 

Gambling can be a considerable risk to your finances, so you need to stay within certain limits. Luckily, online slot games are available at a wide variety of price points that almost everyone can access. So finding games that meet your price point is quite easy these days.

  • Huge Jackpots 

Although many slot games have lower betting limits, they’re connected to an extensive network of players with huge jackpot prizes. A portion of every lost bet is added to a pool to generate a massive progressive jackpot, so even a small bet can win you a huge prize. 

  • Faster 

Online gambling is much faster than offline gambling because you do not have to wait for your turn. Instead, you just need to login into your account and start playing whatever game you prefer. All of these games can be played from the convenience of your home.

  • Safe & Secure 

You cannot hide your identity in offline gambling, as many people watch you play. But on the other hand, online gambling allows you to hide your identity entirely, so nobody knows who you are. 

Offline gambling is also riskier because people are often mugged or robbed when returning from casinos. At the same time, there is no such case with online gambling. 

  • A Wide Variety of Games

Traditional slot games can be limited, but the online space provides an endless collection. You have unlimited reels, playlines, and bet sizing options. So, you have everything, whether you love the old-fashioned 3-reel game with fruit symbols or modern slot games with impressive animations and graphics.

  • High Payouts 

Online casinos do not have to deal with as many costs as land-based casinos, so they can pass on more winning amounts to the players.

  • Online slot players earn 10% more payouts than their land-based counterparts.
  • You can also easily find out the payout percentage of a slot when you play online.


  • Instant Switch 

Since so many online casinos are available today, you can instantly switch spots and move on to another casino. It is also possible to join several casinos at the same time. If the bonuses of one casino do not seem attractive to you any longer, switch to a new one.

  • No Crowds & Zero Wait 

Online casinos provide you with immediate access to games without any waiting time. There are no crowds, no noise, and no smoky floors that make you nauseous. Whenever you are ready, the game is too, and you can spend as much time on it as you please.

  • Test the Waters with Free Play 

Unlike offline gambling, online games allow you to test the waters with free play. It means you can try a game without throwing any money into it to check how it works. Usually, there is no difference in gameplay between the free and the paid version, which is a welcome aspect.

  • Better Control 

Drinks at offline casinos can impair your judgment and make you bet more money than you intended. When playing online, there is no alcohol temptation, hence no chance to bet impulsively. So, you have more control over your game when playing online. 

Here’s an overview of online and offline slots:

Features of Slots Offline Slots Online Slots
Betting Limits High High and Low 
Jackpots Comparatively smaller Large
Speed Slower Fast
Safety Relatively unsafe Safe
Variety Limited Unlimited
Payouts Small Large
Instant Switching No Yes
Crowds & wait Yes No
Free Play No Yes
Control Partial Full

The Changed Education Landscape 

There is no doubt that online education has grown massively in recent years, with the overall industry expected to cross $166 billion in 2023. The enormous strides in technology have made quality education more accessible to millions of people around the world. You get a top-notch education if you have an internet connection.

With the current scope of online education in the modern world, let’s discuss why and how it triumphs over traditional schooling.

  • No Geographical Bounds 

The biggest advantage of online education over traditional schooling is that the former doesn’t have any geographical or territorial bounds.

  • No matter where you are, you can access a lecture recorded thousands of miles away within seconds.
  • Prestigious international universities like MIT, Harvard, Yale, and many more have uploaded their Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) so that people from all over the world can benefit from them. 
  • Better Engagement 

There is a common misconception that in-class learning is always more engaging and helps students understand more. However, that’s only sometimes the case, as many factors can hinder progress, such as a shortage of time, some students being shy, etc. Some researchers have suggested that online learning could be much more rewarding for pupils, thanks to attention-grabbing multimedia lessons for students. 

  • Improved Feedback 

It seems unintuitive, on the face of it. Still, students might maintain better contact with tutors online than in an in-class environment.

  • Online students tend to get more assignments, which helps their teachers identify their weaknesses quickly and provide a remedy instead of prolonging it till exams.
  • Students no longer have to hide in the corner of a classroom; their teachers can now ensure they understand the coursework correctly.
  • A Better Deal 

One significant difference between online and campus education is the fees.

  • Attending a regular college can cost thousands of dollars because of accommodation, traveling, etc.
  • Online college eliminates all such expenses and focuses only on what matters and what you’re learning.
  • A Flexible Schedule 

In-class learning needs to improve in the form of absenteeism, scheduling conflicts, and more, which can be easily eliminated through online education. Although some programs do require participation on a strict schedule, most lectures are archived, so students can access them whenever they want. 

Every student has a different working speed, so online learning allows them to work at their own pace. Some students need more time to understand a particular concept, and online learning provides them with that cushion.

  • Increased Course Variety 

Online education provides students with various course options that are unimaginable in an offline setting. Since students do not need to travel to the campus on specific dates and times, they do not have to manage offline schedules of different courses. Instead, they can simply enroll in whatever courses they like and complete them at their own pace.

This route helps students get the knowledge they love and need for career advancement. By mixing up different courses, they can create a holistic mix which makes them a well-rounded learner. 

Online Dating, Better than You Think

Online vs. real-life dating is a valid question that comes to the minds of many singles. Thanks to dating apps such as Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, and others, online dating has seen an incredible surge in popularity, with 44.2 million users in the US alone in 2020. In addition, online dating provides you with more flexibility and choice than offline dating, so let’s dive into why you should choose it too.

  • A Long-Lasting Affair 

People often mistakenly think offline, face-to-face dating is better for building long-lasting relationships.

  • However, University of Chicago research has proven them wrong by claiming that couples who meet online last together longer than those who meet offline. 
  • People are more likely to open up online than in real life, a phenomenon you might have observed.
  • Better Chances of Compatibility 

Online dating surpasses offline dating also because you have a large number of potential partners to pick from.

  • Dating apps provide you with a lot of opportunities to find a compatible partner. 
  • You can mention your preferences, and the app will show people with those personality traits. 
  • You might meet people from entirely different cultures with similar personalities.

Doing all of that in offline dating is next to impossible.

  • More Marriages 

Many people wrongly claim that the internet has ruined relationships, but actually, the reverse of it is true. A study by the University of Montreal sheds light on the issue by claiming that the internet has increased marriage rates. Online dating has changed the landscape but hasn’t destroyed traditional marriage.

Cyber Sex and its Aspects

Many people discredit cybersex as some cheap imitation of the real thing, but that is far from the truth. Cybersex has gotten more and more realistic with time, also bringing some distinct advantages over real-life sex that we’ll discuss here:

  • Complete Anonymity 

One massive advantage of cybersex is that you can maintain complete anonymity while having a sexual connection with someone. Furthermore, the extent to which you want to reveal your identity is entirely in your hands, which makes it possible to adopt a different persona to live out your fantasies.

  • Complete Safety 

You neither have to search for a condom while engaging in online sex frantically nor do you need to worry about STDs and pregnancy. Online sex is enjoyable and has zero worries, which isn’t bad.

  • Long Distance Bonding 

Couples in a long-distance relationship do not have the luxury of meeting very often. The loss of physical intimacy can be distressing, which can ultimately affect your relationship negatively. 

Instead of letting distance ruin your relationship, you can use high-speed internet with a quality webcam and indulge in sexual activity with your partner whenever you want.


The internet is one of the most significant advances in human history, and there is enough evidence to prove it. From education to dating, it has dismantled old structures and created new ones, and people are embracing them. Today, universities offer online degrees, consumers buy all kinds of times, and lovers engage in cyber sex.

As described in this piece, the online casino industry has seen a massive boom with the penetration of the internet. Millions of people can now access unlimited slots and casino games with just a single click. With more and more players joining, this industry is only expected to move upward. 

And so is the trajectory of the internet, which is also here to stay and grow. With more and more people signing up for it, the line between the real world and the online world is blurring fast.