The Secrets Behind The Vaping Industry’s Rise To Success

By  //  February 21, 2023

The vaping industry has been growing year-on-year as more people make the switch from conventional cigarette smoking to e-cigarettes.

This remarkable story of growth didn’t happen by accident – it was instead part of a coordinated marketing plan which identified changing trends and capitalized on them. 

In this article, you’ll learn some of the secrets behind the vaping industry’s rise to success. You could use this knowledge to set up a business or identify gaps in the market to shape your future investment decisions.

Building On An Existing Habit

The vaping industry has enjoyed immense growth because it successfully built on an existing habit. 

The number of traditional smokers in the US sat at 46.5 million in 2000, which was just shy of 25% of the adult population. The cigarette industry, due to social changes, new laws and health research, has significantly collapsed since then – with 6.5 million less US smokers in 2022 compared to 2000. This trend has occurred on a global scale too, and the vaping sector saw this as an opportunity to move people onto e-cigarettes. 

The number of American adults currently using e-cigarettes is 4.6%, suggesting that many of those who stopped smoking conventional cigarettes moved to vaping. There are, of course, lots of non-smokers who took up vaping too – buying from Vapeology Vape Store Uk and other stores.

A Dual-Marketing Strategy Approach

The vaping industry has successfully marketed to two demographics to create a strong user base. The sector’s marketing can be defined by two distinct stages – adverts targeting smokers and adverts aimed at non-smokers.

When the vaping sector properly emerged as a force for change in the recreational and health spaces in the 2010s, the expectation was that their users would be almost exclusively ex-smokers or those looking to quit smoking. Removing tar and other harmful ingredients, vapes promised smokers a healthier option. Marketing these benefits to smokers proved fruitful, converting many to vaping alternatives.

The strategy of helping people switch to a better habit can be defined as stage one of their marketing plan. Once the e-cigarette industry identified that many new vape users hadn’t smoked before, the marketing campaign shifted to target them specifically – advertising vaping as a stylish hobby.

This dual-marketing approach has been important in driving growth within the vaping industry and has effectively combined two distinct demographics into one customer base.

Tapping Into The Health Trend

The e-cigarette sector has enjoyed exponential growth largely due to the popularity of the health industry more generally. Increasingly, people are putting higher emphasis on the importance of their health – from eating less red meat to moving out of polluted cities.

Within the ongoing health trend, vaping businesses have been able to promote e-cigarettes as a healthy alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes.

Their timing couldn’t have been better, because more people than ever have wanted to quit smoking for health reasons in the last decade or so.