THIS WEEK @NASA: Perseverance Shows Off Collection of Mars Samples, Naming a Mountain on the Moon

By  //  February 18, 2023

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ABOVE VIDEO: Naming a mountain on the Moon, watching and helping from space, and a sample wide shot from Mars … a few of the stories to tell you about – This Week at NASA!

Moon Mountain Named in Honor of NASA Mathematician

A mesa-like mountain near the Moon’s South Pole has been named “Mons Mouton” after NASA mathematician Melba Mouton.

In the early days of NASA, she led a group of mathematicians whose calculations helped track spacecraft in orbit. “Mons Mouton” is adjacent to the site at which our VIPER mission will land and explore as part of our Artemis program.

NASA Data Help with Turkey, Syria Earthquake Response

Following the devastating earthquakes in southern Turkey and western Syria, NASA’s Earth Observatory is working to share aerial views and data from space to help relief and recovery efforts in that region. Learn more at

Perseverance Shows Off Collection of Mars Samples

NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover provided a panorama of its recently completed sample depot. The panorama shows the placement on the Martian surface of the 10 sample tubes that could be recovered in the future by the Mars Sample Return campaign.

Webb Uncovers New Details in Pandora’s Cluster

The latest deep field image from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope features a region of space known as Pandora’s Cluster. A megacluster of galaxies there acts like a natural magnifying glass that allows much more distant galaxies in the early universe to be observed.

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