Top 5 Best Werewolf Novels You Must-Read

By  //  February 14, 2023

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The werewolf theme has found its way back from the 1800s and is still loved by many. 

Werewolf novel genres offer thrilling content ranging from weak to powerful protagonists, transformations, rejected mates, fated pairs, and romance that blooms within the protagonists.

Part 1: The Charming of Werewolf Novels 

Werewolf novels are one of the trendiest novels in the past up until now. You will find the characters relatable as the werewolf genre explores different kinds of tropes. You will learn to love and accept their own flaws and characters as they struggle to fight for their life and be a better person.

Not only will there be just werewolf romance novels. Werewolf novels do not always center around love but it does talk about mates and fated pairs. These fated pairs of the Moon Goddess will encounter trials and conflicts eventually. Their destiny will be decided upon themselves.  

There will be a handful of feisty characters, as well as hot Alphas trying to protect their fragile mate and the thrilling adventures of the protagonists

Most popular werewolf novels

Part 2: 5 Most Popular Werewolf Novels in 2023 

Here are the 5 Most Popular Werewolf novels in 2023

Werewolf novel 1: Her Triplet Alphas

Score: 4.5/5

Author: Joanna J

This werewolf novel revolves around Chasity who was picked up by the Winter Pack. In the Winter Pack, three Alphas bully and torments Chasity. On her eighteenth birthday, Charity discovered that not only she would have one mate, but three! And they were the three Alphas of the Winter Pack.

Chasity feared that they might reject her but the three Alphas’ attitudes changed and they told her that they love her. 

With only months before she can regain her freedom, Chasity is torn between staying and being with her mates or leaving the Pack that she always dreamed of doing. With the constant care of the three Alphas, will she learn to forgive them and mend their relationships or run away from them?

Stay tuned to Chasity’s conflict with the triplets and how the story progresses further. Her Three Alphas is one of the best werewolf romance novels and it will not disappoint you! 

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Werewolf novel 2: The Luna Trials

Score: 5/5

Author: Marrisa Gillbert

Savannah found her mate. During the time of war, Savannah found out that her fated pair was a traitor who even planned to kill her brother. 

This werewolf novel centered around a hard-headed protagonist who only wanted peace for her homeland. 

The Lycan King of the North wanted her hand in marriage. Savannah wanted his cooperation so she went but unknowingly got caught in the Luna trials along with other females from different lands who wanted to be the North’s Luna. 

Being stubborn as she was, Savannah was up for the challenge and met a gardener who caught her interest. She will soon discover that the gardener is the Lycan King himself and he seemed to be interested in him too. 

However, her mate suddenly showed up and things began to get complicated. 

Read this werewolf novel for free to know what will happen to Savannah in the Luna Trials.

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Werewolf novel 3: The Defiant Mate

Score: 4.5/5

Author: Jennifer Francais

Excerpts: Jay-la was banished from her pack after showing hostility to the fated pair of her pack’s future Alpha who was also her lover. She fled to the human world and learned to live with them, raising her triplets’ love and care. 

Soon, a letter came and it stated that she must come back to her pack. She ignored it, defying the orders of Nathan, the new Alpha, and her past lover.  

But Nathan wanted her to come back so he sent his subordinates to bring her back. Jay-la returned to her pack, wounded after being kidnapped. She tried to fight back and was saved by Nathan’s subordinate. 

Jay-la, who didn’t want to come back, begged in front of Nathan’s father, the former Alpha, to help her and disclosed the fact that she has three children.     

    This is one of the best werewolf romance novels that everyone should try to read.

Werewolf novel 4: Alpha Asher 

Score: 4/5

Author: CrazyWol189

Excerpts: Lia Summers met Asher King, a shy boy. But strangely, she was drawn to him. Especially his gray eyes. 

One thing that connected them is that they were victims of abuse. Lia was abused by her family and played by her lover who only wanted s*x while Asher experienced bullying. These two wretched souls found comfort in each other’s company.

But Asher left, giving Lia a pendant and promising her to come back. After Asher left, Lia’s parents continued to abuse her until she left home. 

Years later, Asher appeared before her eyes. The shy and timid boy had disappeared. He grew up into a dangerous man. And as Lia got to know him better, she began to see that Asher is not just an ordinary man. He is a werewolf!

Read this werewolf novel and be brought into a world of possessive romance and intriguing story plots. 

werewolf novels 2023

Werewolf novel 5: Alpha Twins for Mate (Romano Series 1)

Score: 4/5

Author: San_2045

Excerpts: When Leah went for her interview, she met a man and her senses screamed at her that she found her mate. Unfortunately, the man did not seem to recognize her and even spat curses at Leah. Later, she encountered another man who looked like the one she met earlier and found out that she has two mates. 

This werewolf novel will keep you to your seats and make you crave as you continue to read Leah’s journey to having two mates, the thrill of their romance, and suspense as she unlocks new mysteries and reveals secrets about why her family is murdered.