What is Prompting the Popularity of Tiny Homes? Dakota Worrell Provides Insight

By  //  February 8, 2023

Rising housing prices, increasing property taxes and decreasing land availability are just some of the reasons why tiny homes are becoming increasingly popular.

These homes are efficient and effective at reducing production costs as well as land use. This makes tiny homes perfect for densely populated cities and the increasing number of people who are unable to afford a home. 

Dakota Worrell is a property manager, investor and developer who is devoted to making homes more accessible. His previous projects have centered around buying and renovating rundown or abandoned buildings to create modern, well-finished apartments.

These apartments tend to be made available at reasonable prices for the local community. Worrell is only 26 but he already owns over 200 properties around the country. He is dedicated to becoming a successful business and property owner who is recognized across the country.

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Tiny Homes, Massive Opportunities

Tiny homes present a number of practical advantages over traditional homes. They are far cheaper to build and often take a fraction of the time to construct. They allow for building on smaller infill lots which is becoming more of a concern as urban centers become more densely populated. Additionally, they are also less resource intensive so they take a lower toll on the environment. 

The most notable advantage of tiny homes is that they represent an opportunity for those unable to purchase traditional homes. Tiny homes tend to be very affordable and allow people to purchase homes who can afford to do so but cannot find anything in their price range.

As a result, a new group of homeowners is emerging and more people are now able to own their own home. Worrell knows this and is seeking to create hundreds of tiny homes to provide individuals with the financial stability of home ownership.

Dakota Worrell on Tiny Homes

Worrell has recently purchased a small lot in Pocatello which was deemed too small for a traditional home. He was able to see an opportunity here and realized the lot was actually large enough to construct two tiny homes. Not only would this allow for the lot to be used beneficially, it would also allow up to two families to own their own homes.

Traditional homes tend to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to construct but Worrell estimates that each two bedroom tiny home can be built for as little as $55 000. 

This low price point enables the homes to be sold affordably and provide a greater degree of access to high quality housing. Worrell sees this lot as a test for creating an estate with hundreds of tiny homes which includes parks and recreational facilities.

Tiny homes at this scale could provide housing for hundreds of people all while using a much smaller amount of land and resources. 

The Pocatello local government acknowledges these benefits and has granted Worrell certain concessions to build the tiny homes on his small, infill lot. These concessions allow for the construction of two homes on a lot which would otherwise have stood empty.

Forward thinking such as this is enabling the popularity of tiny homes along with the other factors which have been mentioned. 

Worrell’s property manager for his main business is the perfect example of the type of person who can now afford home ownership.

She was previously living on disability grants but thanks to Worrell she now has a stable job and is an indispensable part of his enterprise.

This means she can now afford to purchase a home. Before tiny homes however, there would have been nothing available in her price range. 

Final Thoughts

Tiny homes are responding to the difficult and often inaccessible housing market by offering a new, sustainable solution. This is reducing housing costs and allowing hundreds of thousands of Americans to afford a home, some for the first time. These tiny homes provide a high-quality, environmentally conscious permanent living space when housing prices are increasing at meteoric rates.

Dakota Worrell is keenly aware of this and is currently working towards establishing a large estate of tiny homes to make more peoples dreams of home ownership a tangible reality.